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  1. #361
    JOshISPoser Guest
    i wonder what the time frame for release will be. i'm gonna guess like a month or so. i don't see them taking much longer than that if someone is already like testing it out.

  2. #362
    Hernaner28 Guest
    I just want a fix for Resident Evil 6 and Assassin's Creed III, I'll be happy for this year with those two patched EBOOTS. NOTHING ELSE! Please N0DRM/DUPLEX, I know you can! I know, I know, I just know it.. plz

  3. #363
    azoreseuropa Guest
    And The Last Guardian.. If it is ever release this December according to gamefaqs. Oh yeah, I hope it will be for fw 4.21.

  4. #364
    kanketsu Guest
    I think we need to wait a little bit longer for The Last Guardian

    Meanwhile, I hope they'll take a look at ZoEHD when it'll be released next month.

    BTW, anyone else waiting impatiently for the big releases in early 2013?

    DmC, MGRising, Bioshock Infinite, Ni no Kuni.

  5. #365
    JOshISPoser Guest
    last guardian looks pretty awesome.

    idk, i'm just hoping something happens big again soon for games that weren't looked at. the only problem is that usually means sony can patch it. i just wonder why all of a sudden games are getting patched for 4.1+. i wonder if it has to deal with dex or something.

  6. #366
    james194zt Guest
    I wonder when DEX 4.25 is going to appear, makes you wonder if it is simply because it hasn't been leaked or whether there is more to it than that as in this scene there is way too many hidden devs looking for cash and that it is indeed DEX allowing the excellent devs at DUPLEX and N0DRM to perform the magic trick with eboots.

    The other thing I wonder is, can Sony patch DEX, I suppose they could make some form of activation process in to the console for people with the real DEX consoles like the do with the Vita dev units but what could they do to a converted DEX machine as it must look enough like a real DEX machine for the PUP files to work.

  7. #367
    fox460 Guest
    Update: Express our gratitude to our dear users, we've also decided to offer an upgrade from BDCFW 4.21 to BDCFW 4.25 for free. Features of CFW 4.25:

    1: Support games up to 4.25. No eboot fix is needed. Get original game backup and play right away.
    2: Support PSN
    3: Support internal and external HDD.
    4: You can downgrade to 3.55 , or update to latest OFW in the future and then later newer CFW. (upgraded via PUP file on USB, no hardware modification)
    5: No external USB device is needed to boot BDCFW 4.25 Visit our distributor's page (olygame.taobao.com) if you have any questions.

    The original Chinese text of Feature 4 sounds a bit confusing to me, though.

  8. #368
    avenilyy Guest
    The "Blue Disk" just post a thread in duowan saying there won't be a dongle. But you can mail you PS3 to them with 98RMB and got it back with 4.25 CFW on it.

    This business will start in Oct from what they said. I don't know if they will change their idea again. But apparently they have the 4.25 CFW. They maybe plan to release dongle with 4.21 CFW at first, then update 4.25 to make more money. Damn good businessman! Fck them.

  9. #369
    psychosic666 Guest
    4: You can downgrade to 3.55 , or update to latest OFW in the future and then later newer CFW. (upgraded via PUP file on USB, no hardware modification)

    this means that we can downgrade from 4.11 to 3.55?? sorry but my english is not so good

  10. #370
    avenilyy Guest
    From what they said. If your PS3 is 3.55 or under 3.55. you can use their pup to install you PS3 a 4.21 or 4.25 cfw. this 4.21 or 4.25 cfw can be downgrade to 3.55 by just install the 3.55 cfw without E3 or some other hardware.

    did i make you understand?

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