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  1. #331
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Well.. According to Deank: DeanK has said that the dongle rumors are false. Quit spreading false rumors before the product is even out.

    Since he's already said that he's not involved at all with the Chinese dongle at all.

  2. #332
    shummyr Guest
    There was a version of Multiman for the Cobra dongle

  3. #333
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Sorry but if he's so respected in the PS3 Scene as you say, then he should be against this piece of crap and not supporting it; this dongles are a step backward in the PS3 Scene, not a progress.

    So if this ends up requiring that crap then I'll change my mind about deank's work.

  4. #334
    niwakun Guest
    wait, what? you dont know yet that deank/dean is working with cobra team? its been a year since he's cooperating with Cobra USB

  5. #335
    Foo Guest
    That picture was interesting because I haven't seen it before and because it was posted on his blog before the rumor of 4.21 CFW even started...

  6. #336
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    The main issue I see is him not being open with the PS3 scene and simply admitting the obvious (what other devs like CrashSerious already confirmed), that he's working with Cobra (or TB, E3, etc the list goes on) and then moving forward. It's his choice to keep up the charade of course, but in the end he's really only fooling himself.

    I would actually respect him more if he did just come clean and tell everyone the truth, what's the worst people will do call him a sellout? Who cares... That will last a few days only, and then those who don't mind forking out cash for new dongles will continue to do so and support him financially anyway. And those who won't spend money on a dongle will be able to say to themselves "at least he's honest" and continue to support him as a community with one less "big secret" that isn't really a secret at all.

    From Abkarino on the Blue Disk: This is for downgradable consoles only and not for newer hardware models like CECH-300X or CECH-400x. You also can not install modified image into newer 3K models even if using hardware flasher since it will made console brick.

    But i know from a good source that a new solution (working very well now but still need more improvement) for newer hardware CECH-300x will be released soon Its release time will be in November if my memory reserve me. Btw its a hybrid Hardware + Software solution.

    Also in related news is a PS3 CFW 4.21 Theory and N0DRM Method (via consolecrunch.com/possible-cfw-4-21-theory-and-nodrm-method/):

    [Register or Login to view code]

    From zadow28: Memdump wont work, memdump needs the peek/poke patches to function. Also if you manage to get memdump to run, it goes into an infinity loop thats not so easy to recover from, so only run it if you are sure. Also you have to make it an debug self the memdump tool to make it run.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    and so on and on. If interested here are the syscalls i found in the lv2_kernel from 3.60: pastie.org/4824915

    Download: PS3 Self Decrypter v0.6 (3.55) / PS3 Self Decrypter v0.6 (3.41) / PS3 Self Decrypter v0.6 Source Code

    [Register or Login to view code]

  7. #337
    niwakun Guest
    yeah, there's also a fight about him for not being open source on his multiman which is based on open manager which is open source to begin with. as i read his reason why not releasing the code is all but just an "excuse" for me. but anyway, that's past I think source code is released, somewhere in cyberspace.

  8. #338
    itsbighead Guest
    yea sure you go do that

    dude face it PS3 is never gonna get CFW for consoles. Everyone might as well switch to Xbox 360 because all console can be hacked to run homebrew/backup games compared with PS3

  9. #339
    SwordOfWar Guest
    You know, it wouldn't be so bad if the newer dongles included all the features of the older ones.

    Who wants to flash between dongle CFWs just to use each one's specific features?

    I'll probably just hold out with Cobra CFW and be happy with the decrypted game updates.

  10. #340
    itsbighead Guest
    Yea but the thing noone wants to make the coding of their dongle open source which makes it harder to incorporate features from old dongles into new

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