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    Well.. According to Deank: DeanK has said that the dongle rumors are false. Quit spreading false rumors before the product is even out.

    Since he's already said that he's not involved at all with the Chinese dongle at all.

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    There was a version of Multiman for the Cobra dongle

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    Sorry but if he's so respected in the PS3 Scene as you say, then he should be against this piece of crap and not supporting it; this dongles are a step backward in the PS3 Scene, not a progress.

    So if this ends up requiring that crap then I'll change my mind about deank's work.

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    wait, what? you dont know yet that deank/dean is working with cobra team? its been a year since he's cooperating with Cobra USB

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    That picture was interesting because I haven't seen it before and because it was posted on his blog before the rumor of 4.21 CFW even started...

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    The main issue I see is him not being open with the PS3 scene and simply admitting the obvious (what other devs like CrashSerious already confirmed), that he's working with Cobra (or TB, E3, etc the list goes on) and then moving forward. It's his choice to keep up the charade of course, but in the end he's really only fooling himself.

    I would actually respect him more if he did just come clean and tell everyone the truth, what's the worst people will do call him a sellout? Who cares... That will last a few days only, and then those who don't mind forking out cash for new dongles will continue to do so and support him financially anyway. And those who won't spend money on a dongle will be able to say to themselves "at least he's honest" and continue to support him as a community with one less "big secret" that isn't really a secret at all.

    From Abkarino on the Blue Disk: This is for downgradable consoles only and not for newer hardware models like CECH-300X or CECH-400x. You also can not install modified image into newer 3K models even if using hardware flasher since it will made console brick.

    But i know from a good source that a new solution (working very well now but still need more improvement) for newer hardware CECH-300x will be released soon Its release time will be in November if my memory reserve me. Btw its a hybrid Hardware + Software solution.

    Also in related news is a PS3 CFW 4.21 Theory and N0DRM Method (via

    Today Anonymous contacted us who claims to be an old developer and has some news about CFW 4.21 and possible theorys and method that N0DRM use to patch Eboots.

    Hello ConsoleCrunch iím a old dev and i have a big news about the CFW 4.21, some people call me a lier and today they use what i was explaining about CEX-DEX, Decrypt Eboot etcÖ iím going to reveal some news about the 4.21 CFW

    Easy to make a CFW 4.21, first you absolutely need to have a PS3 4.21 DEX for that, that help you to decrypt all the dev_flash and coÖ also you need to dump the LV2 from the 4.21 DEX (that let you decrypt the 4.21 LV2) and after all you can resign and play with poke and co

    Extract the 4.21 CEX pup, decrypt the files with PS3 4.21 DEX, keep the keys safe, make a PUP CFW 4.21 with the new 4.21 files resigned/modifie d, that allÖ

    Hi Mujarrad, already tested a long time agoÖ this is one of the solution, you can dump the 4.21 kernel from the 4.21 DEX and take example from this one to make your own CFW DEX and also for CEX that is pretty similar but you need a PS3 DEX to work under development mode that let you execute under debugger mode

    You can decrypt/encrypt everything with a PS3 4.21 DEX and the right AppÖ for example just with the Multiman you can dump the LV2 4.21 and decrypt this one with the PS3 (you also need to active log mode) that log every of your action and save it into your usb storage

    This is way that NoDRM work to make patch for the PS3 Games, you can even do it yourself if you donít want to wait the release

    One of the best app available is memdump that let you dump lv1/lv2 and flash memory donít forget this app, itís usefull with a PS3 4.21 DEX
    PS3 4.21 CoreOS (Unpacked) by doggie721:

    Additional details (via to quote:

    This is just the beginning (if you donít want to read the clue, check directly the bonus at the end)

    Clue 1 : A Man talk with somebody about a long story happen in the Past, this Man find every solution to fix this story but he didnít have time to show all heís know, after this long story some bad guys who didnít respect the open solution, make their own private solution.

    Clue 2 : Ask this to a commercial worker in Private. How you can sell a product that donít exist yet ? The commercial will answer to you that, itís simple, keep them waiting for it, more they wait, more wait and more itís easy to sell it easily... because the people want what they donít need and what unaccessible (Apple Method). We call that easy money with easy product

    Clue 3 : Check my announcement before and check the reaction after of this pretty dev... action/reaction... you can understand that they always lie behind the words they saidÖ try to defend themselve to hide the real point, that is the method of a dev who want to make money but let you know that it will never do that...

    The point is, if you work on a project, you should donít care about what the people said and keep working until the end, release and leave it open source... have a difference between a Commercial dev and a Open source dev.

    Clue 4 : The PS3 community is not stupid at all, the stupid is represented by the gesture in here. Simple fact, using the Trueblue Dongle is not stupid because you believe that the product will give you some advantage on the PS3, what is stupid is the dev that let you think you are stupid.. and let them to think you are stupid -> believe that the dev we know canít make a commercial product with other dev help.

    Clue 5 : A suitable to the Clue 4, on the dev commercial position (show a little bit more than show all is better for commercial)

    FlashBack : We know from the beginning how to work on PS3 but we donít show anything until we make something big and usefullÖ

    SCE Helpfull Position (Jailbreak, SCE tools, CEX-DEX and nothing really from the dev, only one who did really all)

    Phase 1 : 3.41 release commercial dongle (Jailbreak) commercial didnít work that much, letís release this free on every platform possible (N900, Palm Pre, Texas instruction) we know almost all about the PS3 and the 3.41 firmware

    Phase 2 : letís release a CFW for while to keep patient the PS3 community, welcome to the 3.55 (we know after all that Sony are going to release a firmware update..)

    Release of the 3.6x, ok itís time to make the Trueblue planÖ letís them believe of this product.
    Release Trueblue and alternative (money money that didnít work on 3.41).
    Pause : you know that every new product from a new company need a beginning and after the next product they release will be simple to sell because the company have enough time to know what the public want.
    Back on the story... letís stop a little bit the Trueblue because they start to know whatís going on...

    Phase 3 : Somebody piss off say too much things about the CEX-DEX and the Eboot decrypt... we need to find another solution and try to find a new product... because the people will not accept to pay again a Trueblue.

    Oh damn we find... letís talk about a new CFW-> they go talk about it around the web and after letís say that people need to pay to use it and you can only use it on the 3.55...

    Conclusion : About the Clue 5 and the Phase 1/2/3, let check the reaction of the PS3 community about every of commercial product released and letís make a new product that we can sell again without any problem... play with old stuff that we know from a long time to make new stuff... most of this dev donít know what they doing because one release all the hard work already and because we have also receive a big help from the PS3 Official Development Source (CEX-DEX is a big step already but with the help of SCE, like the JIG/Jailbreak)

    Now let think about, why release a CFW 4.21/4.25 that is only compatible 3.55 when you can release one compatible every PS3... because like i said most of this dev donít know anything about it or how they can broke the new PS3 model... have a way to do it but the problem is that you need to use Official Sony tools, that conclude the point

    Bonus : Iím going to explain two way that you can exploit correctly your PS3 3.55.

    First possibility : Forget about CFW 3.55, CEX-DEX is already the best step you have and even better than CFW you can execute everything you want but that some dev donít let you know (check what happend just after the leak), i really recommend to be on DEX, also check this bonus files and read all (1-2-3) you should do what you want after (donít be lazy to execute stuff and donít be scared you canít really brick a PS3 if you have any jailbreak next to you) After all the read, you should know a to decrypt/Load every program and even make your own cfw, patch what you need

    File you need to read... The password is represented by a movie of Michael Anderson who was release in 1956 (Password: 1984)

    Second Possibility : that is more for pro and amateur dev or anyone who want to learn FreeBSD and co... You need to construct a FreeBSD base under a PS3 DEX and make your own kernel with the last driver released (gpu/cell/etc...) use petitboot to choose to boot under GameOs or OtherOSÖ like that you can load the important part of the system to work with it (decrypt, make your own cfw, etcÖ) they have a way to launch application/games under FreeBSD but you should make your own loader for that, seriously as a dev is kinda easy to do it.

    The idea is to use a Cell Emulator under the PS3 Dex, load PS3 Kernel and dump what you need to be decryptedÖ the debugger will do the job for you.

    Bonus Public method for the PS Vita Remote Play :

    You can force the 480p on the PS Vita and Play every games in 480p and even push to 576p

    1- You need a PS3 DEX 3.55
    2- Update your PS3 DEX 3.55 to DEX 4.20/4.21
    3- After updating, save your PS Vita to the PS3 with the register functionnality in private network
    4- after that downgrade the PS3 DEX 4.20/4.21 to PS3 DEX CFW 3.55
    5- In DEX CFW 3.55, go to your computer take every Param.SFO of you game use the last PS3Gen and force the 480p PS Vita only
    6- Connect the PS Vita in remote play to the PS3 DEX 3.55 CFW (the system keep register your PS Vita on the PS3)
    7- on the PS Vita Remote Play, go to the debug settings and force the resolution to 576p
    8- Now you can launch every games in 480p/576p, better quality...

    Step 3 : Welcome to the world of Sony (

    I just want to say a hello to Geo (no the one you are thinking) and tell him that. Remember 2OFive ? Are you making a new dongle, the first commercial one was not enough ? Sony Still keep the dongle plan alive (win money with commercial hacking/piracy) ? SONY MAKE.BELIEVE PIRACY


    Back to the past
    Below is the code, as follows:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    From zadow28: Memdump wont work, memdump needs the peek/poke patches to function. Also if you manage to get memdump to run, it goes into an infinity loop thats not so easy to recover from, so only run it if you are sure. Also you have to make it an debug self the memdump tool to make it run.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    and so on and on. If interested here are the syscalls i found in the lv2_kernel from 3.60:

    Download: PS3 Self Decrypter v0.6 (3.55) / PS3 Self Decrypter v0.6 (3.41) / PS3 Self Decrypter v0.6 Source Code

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    yeah, there's also a fight about him for not being open source on his multiman which is based on open manager which is open source to begin with. as i read his reason why not releasing the code is all but just an "excuse" for me. but anyway, that's past I think source code is released, somewhere in cyberspace.

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    yea sure you go do that

    dude face it PS3 is never gonna get CFW for consoles. Everyone might as well switch to Xbox 360 because all console can be hacked to run homebrew/backup games compared with PS3

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    You know, it wouldn't be so bad if the newer dongles included all the features of the older ones.

    Who wants to flash between dongle CFWs just to use each one's specific features?

    I'll probably just hold out with Cobra CFW and be happy with the decrypted game updates.

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    Yea but the thing noone wants to make the coding of their dongle open source which makes it harder to incorporate features from old dongles into new

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