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Thread: Video: PS3 4.21 CFW Running DOA5 By Red Power Team Demo!

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    Transient Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tpmjb View Post
    DeanK has said that the dongle rumors are false. Quit spreading bs rumors before the product is even out.
    It's true, deank did say that, but more specifically, he said it won't require a dongle to run games from MM. He said nothing about it not requiring a dongle to install the CFW, which is what seems to be the case. He also said he is in no way involved with the Chinese group, and that he was only able to add support to MM by looking at one of the leaked EBOOTs.

    Either way you look at it, deank can't put the dongle rumours to rest as by his own admission he doesn't know what the product will really look like.

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    itsbighead Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by junks278 View Post
    Anyone may please translate?
    It says

    1) Link to my blog with the download links
    2) If the links are down please patiently wait until i reupload them
    3) Is a special thread for PS3 Game requests

    if you guys can update the news article on the front page i would be happy to translate the parts that were badly done

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    hilongo Guest
    Oh well... one thread less to follow!

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    niwakun Guest
    we "will" keep spreading bad words about this "blue disk" until it is proven free.

    anyone who tries to earn money on the scene without a legit hack deserves to be fckedup, and adding a DRM on Dongle is not even a legitimate hack so quit it Chinese guys, you're not gonna earn some money on something like this again.

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    Foo Guest

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    Lando43 Guest
    ......what's interesting in that pic?

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    Hernaner28 Guest
    I don't think deank is stupid enough to give a DRM-dongle support, don't you think? If this new CFW ends up requiring a dongle then deank's reputation is going to hell... he cannot be supporting this crap.

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    itsbighead Guest
    he can support whatever he wants, how is that going to affect his repuation? Hes already one of the most well know and respected developers in the PS3 Scene for his works

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    niwakun Guest
    he's already working with cobra team btw

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    itsbighead Guest
    who? Deank?

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