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    Senior Member azoreseuropa's Avatar
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    That's enough... Didnt you read the legit of Deank's multiman the latest version ? He said its real!
    Last edited by azoreseuropa; 09-26-2012 at 03:46 PM Reason: edited

  2. #302
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    i still want an answer to that last question. how'd he get a hold of the multiman ran on 4.21, where was the source, etc.?

  3. #303
    At least you admit that you got conned by a scam. There is a plethora of mindless zealots that still believe dongles are the best thing since cookies. I also got a dongle, but it was a gift so i didn't spend any $$$, and even i am pissed at them because they left a lot of people with a useless stick scam.

    Next thing i'm doing is supporting naughty dog and visceral games by buying The last of us, and Dead Space 3. It's 1000 times better than buying a piece of crap stick.

  4. #304
    Yeah, a new DRM dongle

  5. #305
    yeah? and this bad news for the scene, always for profit

  6. #306
    geesh guys, just let the dongle get released, then they can crack it.

  7. #307
    Nobody will buy it

  8. #308
    Nobody ? I bet the teenagers will buy it by asking the parents for money.

  9. #309
    Deank's statement have made me suspicious now. I mean why the secrecy and annoying tone. But his statement has also given me hope that this CFW can be released for free. Who knows

  10. #310
    At this point i prefer to switch between CEX to DEX and vice versa.

    It's totally useless since it needs to be installed on 3.55 only.


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