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Thread: Video: PS3 4.21 CFW Running DOA5 By Red Power Team Demo!

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    sudburymod Guest
    Ah so maybe it was the correct firmware, was just missing the dongle. LOL

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    itsbighead Guest
    dude still do you see any other team making a 4.21 CFW besides this? No. Even though it requires a 3.55 console and a dongle to install we should still congratulate them in creating a full functioning cfw for 4.21

    1) Curious people will get it to test whether its good or not and i'm sure most modding stores in the US/Worldwide will stock it to interested comsumers
    2) It wont be hacked, they probably learnt from the DRM on dongles and will most likely create a dongle with a better DRM system. After all most chinese programmers are smarter than you think
    3) There is no other group thats going to release a 4.21 CFW? No

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    Apr 2005
    Well, nothing is stopping you from congratulating them if you care to do so, however, both Admins here have been in and out of the scene and agree that the overall stance of is against DRM-infected dongles since the last one reared its ugly head.

    Neither myself nor CJPC believe in making people do unnecessary rework (ie reverse-engineering) just to progress, this is called a waste of precious time and dinks like GeoHot and Mathieulh got off putting other developers through it a few years back for no reason other than to stroke their egos.

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    itsbighead Guest
    and look how that went

    1) Geohot got sued
    2) Mathieulh went into hiding after the whole Geohot scandal

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    Apr 2005
    Heh GetHot got what he deserved when he opted to further his own name, ego, and efame in posting the keys and threatening Sony on his blog. Mathieulh never was a real developer anyway, all he did was parrot stuff that xorloser told him (xorloser even Tweeted this fact (see and in exchange for giving loser newer SDK's as he had DevNet access... we have literally hundreds of daily IRC logs from 4-5 years back on all this stuff, but it's in the past so nobody cares these days.

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    itsbighead Guest
    whos xorloser? Im really new to the PS3 Scene so i dont really know the key players of the scene

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    He is from Australia and is the largest player in almost any console scene, one of the oldest and top Paradox coders/crackers and has done more than any other single individual I know... while he does release a few things under his own name and a lot under his rolodex of aliases, most of the stuff he's done never sees the light of day publicly (such as cracking Sony's MagicGate protection) but ironically CJPC had to help him with things like Linux commands and installing a garage door opener LOL go figure, eh?

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    Yourname Guest
    So is E3 behind or part of this? They did say within 2 months there would be a new system and all eboots would be free.

    Or are we yet to see there plan? Hopefully those are here to help the scene like N0DRM/DUPLEX/NRP & pr0p0sitionJOE continue there outstanding work!!

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    Hernaner28 Guest
    Screw you Red Power... FCK YOU! NOT GONNA BUY THAT SHT!

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    saito1234 Guest
    I think anyone in their right minds won't buy it...

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