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Thread: Video: PS3 4.21 CFW Running DOA5 By Red Power Team Demo!

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    Shade01 Guest
    I don't understand chinese but there are too many "USB" and "USB device" in that paragraph to be something good.

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    junks278 Guest
    Hackers haven't done much against them. They just reversed it and left us back in the dust once again.. tossing us a Tekken Tag Tournanet 2 fix and nothing else. I hope one day they'll understand how they're encouraging such cases with their 1337-secret brotherhood stuff.

    DRMed dongle are produced because they know a bunch of people are going to buy those as no other alternative! There's still games that are unplayable on either CEX/DEX. About the's just a dead end in the long run, cause $ony will patch future DEX firmwares to not be installed on native CEX models.

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    stingray1059 Guest
    if duplex or nodrm can crack new games like tekken tag 2 or damage inc... i cant see why they cant crack new games dongleless too.
    so whats the point of a new dongle?

    i have 2 dongles now useless , the 1st one, the ps3break for 3.41 and other dongle for 3.55. that's enough for me already.

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    Thanks junks278, +Rep and for the moment here are some rough translations:

    1: Thank you very much and play more impartial evaluation of BlueDisk CFW4.21, Thank you very much concern and love of the domestic players.

    2: handed with CFW4.21 the machine give multi-play evaluation, BD did not mention this CFW4.21 charges or not, so there is no cheating players situation. If so players misunderstanding, BD group apologize.

    3: BD group before this not sold any 3.55 USB electronic dongle, please do not confuse the BD group and other bad manufacturers.

    4: We understand that the players purchase 3.55 USB electronic dongle did not get good service and discontent, here we are ready to launch two versions.

    A: subsequent update CFW version can not be upgraded, and can only be maintained in the current CFW version.

    B: subsequent updates CFW version can be upgraded, we will adopt a free software upgrade to achieve free hardware replacement + upgrade purposes. We solemnly promise that will continue to update the CFW. The two versions BlueDisk are super cost-effective, and prices will be announced later.

    5: the official release BlueDisk, there will be more surprises with the players, so stay tuned

    A description of the doubt about BlueDisk

    1: You can only apply in the can demote host, and upgrade from 3.55 or less. If the system version 3.55, downgrade to 3.55

    2: Upgrade to the latest CFW need to disassemble downgrade again to 3.55 PUP way through the upgrade. Can upgrade to the latest OFW. Can repeated Brush.

    3: Upgrade CFW bricked risk. (Do not power off during the upgrade process)

    4: original games directly in BDCFW under through built-in or external hard drive to run without any modifications

    5: CFW enter, BlueDisk removable, players do not need to have to keep blueDisk USB port

    6: BD group will continue R & D to add more functionality to BlueDisk USB device, such as the players love the PS2 analog, standalone / network Goldfinger.

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    itsbighead Guest
    I've translated all the important bits

    1) BD组在这之前没有出售过任何3.55 USB电子狗,请不要把BD组与其他不良厂家混为一谈。

    Our team here has never created/sold any 3.55 Dongles so please do not confuse us with crappy/other companies

    2) 我们理解玩家因为购买其他3.55 USB电子狗没有得到良好的售后服务而产生的不满情绪,这里我们准备推出2个版本。

    We understand that 3.55 dongles were not liked in the community but our dongle will be based a newer, better version compared with them

    3) 无法升级后续更新CFW版本,只能保持在当前CFW版本。

    Our CFW cannot be installed on consoles higher firmwares so stay on the 3.55 CFW in order to install

    4) 可以升级后续更新CFW版本,我们将会采用免费硬件置换+免费软件升级方式来达到升级目的。我 们郑重承 诺会一直持续更新CFW 。

    We will keep our promise to continually update/maintain the CFW through free software and hardware upgrades. Currently they will 2 editions of the Bluedisk USB Device. Pricing will be announced later

    Questions related to the Dongle

    1) 只能适用在可降级主机,并从3.55或以下升级 。如果系统是3.55以上版本,请降级至3.55

    Our CFW can only be installed on consoles with firmwares less than 3.55. If you have a firmware higher than 3.55 pleased downgrade

    2: 升级到最新CFW后,无需拆机,可通过升级PUP方式再次降级到3.55 。可升级到最新OFW。可反复刷机。

    Our CFW will allow you to
    • Downgrade back to 3.55 by installing a EBOOT
    • Install the latest OFW
    • Remove jailbreak data from your console

    3: 升级此CFW没有变砖风险 (升级过程请勿断电)

    Updating to the CFW will have no risks unless the power to your console is cut

    4: 原始游戏直接可在BDCFW下通过内置或者外置硬盘运行,无需任何修改

    Games do not need to be patched with the latest EBOOTs when using our firmware and can be executed normally

    5: 进入CFW后, BlueDisk可移除,玩家无需一直保持blueDisk在USB口

    Once installed the dongle can be removed form the usb slot as it does not need to be constantly plugged in

    6: BD组会持续研发加入更多功能到BlueDisk USB device,比如玩家热爱的PS2模拟,单机/网络金手指等。

    We will be adding many new features but currently the BlueDisk USB Device will allow PS2 Compatability and integrate the ps3usercheat compatability with LAN/PSN

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    NTA Guest
    Successfully trolled.

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    Yep indeed, and thanks for the updated translation itsbighead and +Rep!

    The whole thing sounds like another MaxConArtist business marketing campaign with a twist of Chinese E3 added, and once I read "Pricing will be announced later" confirming their intention to be for-profit vs free to the scene I lost interest myself.

    We will continue to post updates in this ongoing thread, but until it's cracked to play for free (as it should be in the scene) we won't be mainpaging any more of their hype/propeganda pics, videos and other crapola.

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    itsbighead Guest
    but still in a way its a step forward in the PS3 Scene as this is the first group that has created a CFW for such a high firmware

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    Nothing ReDRM is ever a step forward for the PS3 (or any) scene... why on earth not go open source so the community could make the most of such things, the reason is simple... greed and profit. However, once it's cracked/reversed and made free for all then perhaps... but by then it may be outdated anyway hehe.

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    Yourname Guest
    What a load of crap, i hope

    1. There is a mass stand and no one buys it...
    2. It gets hacked within days of release
    3. Another group releases a dongle free 4.21+ cfw just to screw these scumbags!!

    Had they decided to share with the scene they would have gotten respect AND would also have a healthy paypal account via support

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