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Thread: Video: PS3 4.21 CFW Running DOA5 By Red Power Team Demo!

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    Anger007 Guest
    knew it was too good to be true. roll on the cracked FREE version. people wont pay for a freaking dongle this has already been proven. yet another let down in the scene.

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    StanSmith Guest
    F! THIS! 2 days ago I just reflashed my PS3 to NOT use a DRM Dongle and happy its dongle free finally and now they release another dongle? Dont they know EVERYONE hates dongles?

    I hope they go broke like the last team and their 2nd DRM Dongle. Give it a few weeks and you still see 355 patches for those games too.

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    itsbighead Guest
    Do any of you read anything? The dongle is used to install the cfw not to play new games

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    Apr 2005
    That would just be another idiotic marketing spin though, people would get the dongle to play new games using their CFW.

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    itsbighead Guest
    does everyone think my translations are ok? If it is then i will translate all new information posted.

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    Foo Guest
    All faith has been lost

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    itsbighead Guest
    i know right. Noones every going to crack the PS3, everyone with new consoles might as well start buying legit games

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    niwakun Guest
    But still, why did they announce something like this? It's kinda wrong timing. Who the hell will going to buy something like that with almost no games needs to be patched, but still had a chance of them getting patched by N0DRM, Duplex etc....

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    junks278 Guest
    Hey guys !Looks like "Blue Disk"'s team has registered to that now overseas-famous chinese board. They posted a message with a lot of info's, all written in chinese of course.

    Another chinese kind soul is being called out to help us!

    1:非常感谢多玩对BlueDisk CFW4.21的中肯评测,非常感谢国内玩家的关注与厚爱。
    2:在交予带CFW4.21的机器给与多玩评测时,BD方没有谈及此CFW4.21收费与否,因此不存在欺 骗玩家情形。
    3:BD组在这之前没有出售过任何3.55 USB电子狗,请不要把BD组与其他不良厂家混为一谈。
    4:我们理解玩家因为购买其他3.55 USB电子狗没有得到良好的售后服务而产生的不满情绪,这里我们准备推出2个版本。
    A: 无法升级后续更新CFW版本,只能保持在当前CFW版本。
    B:可以升级后续更新CFW版本,我们将会采用免费硬件置换+免费软件升级方式来达到升级目的。我们郑重承 诺会一直持续更新CFW 。
    5: 正式发布BlueDisk 时,将会有更大惊喜与玩家,敬请期待

    1: 只能适用在可降级主机,并从3.55或以下升级 。如果系统是3.55以上版本,请降级至3.55
    2: 升级到最新CFW后,无需拆机,可通过升级PUP方式再次降级到3.55 。可升级到最新OFW。可反复刷机。
    3: 升级此CFW没有变砖风险 (升级过程请勿断电)
    4: 原始游戏直接可在BDCFW下通过内置或者外置硬盘运行,无需任何修改
    5: 进入CFW后, BlueDisk可移除,玩家无需一直保持blueDisk在USB口
    6: BD组会持续研发加入更多功能到BlueDisk USB device,比如玩家热爱的PS2模拟,单机/网络金手指等。

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Humm... they wanna play again ? Well... here we go, ROUND 2 !!!!

    "Hacker's united against them !!!"

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