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  1. #251
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well if it is only installable on 3.55 FW what's the point? The Dongle isn't even worth $10 since many new games are already being fixed by groups like N0DRM and Duplex.

  2. #252
    itsbighead Guest
    i know right there is not point you might as well install the last DEX FW instead. Seems like theres never going to be a CFW for newer console.

    确认刚发布的MM 04.06.00可以直接安装后在本系统上运行也正常识别系统版本为4.21了 - Latest Multiman with 4.21 support is working on our consoles along with the installed games that we have tested

  3. #253
    niwakun Guest

    hey, at least they have PS Vita Management Tool and other thing had no real use. Having a 4.21CFW can save you from patching eboots, but, eboot replacement can be done in minutes anyway.

    But still, CFW 4.21 is cool if it were released for FREE, else, forget it, we have DEX guys, save your money with legit games and now you helped the game developers, never ever pay for something that you can get for free specially if it's for piracy.

  4. #254
    Lando43 Guest
    the only way to JB newer consoles on higher fw is going to be a hardware hack if one is found and after all these years there haven't been one for ps3. this works on 3.55 only because of private keys, we cant get new private keys anymore. I probably won't update from 3.55 to anything even if there is new cfw, no point if games get fixed for it and DEX is not comfortable enough for me.

  5. #255
    Brenza Guest
    I knew it, screw this crap!!! I'm on 4.21 dex, i'll stay on 4.21 dex!

    No words to tell how much i'm disgusted!

  6. #256
    itsbighead Guest
    Hypothetically: If i were to say that I had a dongle that could allow you to install 4.21 CFW on a 4.21 OFW on all machines new or old and could provide the proof of its legitimacy would you get or not? If the price wasn't too high i sure would

  7. #257
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    If it worked on newer and older machines it would have value (albeit minimal) beyond the ReDRM factor... so most stuck with a newer console probably would is my guess. Still easier and cheaper to get a used older PS3 in my opinion though.

  8. #258
    Lando43 Guest
    that's acceptable I think, the hardware probably needed for that. an unnecessary DRM dongle to bypass another DRM though is very silly.

  9. #259
    KaInEvIL Guest
    Either way, NODRM and all these recent backup patch releases have demonstrated that buying a new dongle is quite pointless just for the sake of playing new titles.

  10. #260
    elser1 Guest
    i wouldnt buy a new machine so i can pirate games. i'd just buy the titles i want to own anyways as i do now. and i'm far far from rich. i'm on a small fixed income and can afford to buy a game every 2 weeks and i live buy myself. i don't have much of a life other than psn tho.. LOL

    ps3 is all about multiplayer psn for me anyways. my jb is dusty in the corner. i haven't turned it on since the last rebug with psn was patched. however if new cfw came out i'd try it for sure if it was free. but that's just me. i'm sure others do every other combo of whats possible and thats the way it should be. free for those that want to do with it what they want!

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