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  1. #231
    Torochan Guest
    Like I said in my previous post, it's for boosting sales at launch... why? maybe they are expecting it to be cloned sooner or later.

    I don't mind as maybe my PS3KEY might resurrect (I got the 2 of em)

  2. #232
    derceto Guest
    Well, if this cfw is real, and indeed uses a dongle, perhaps it will be r/e'd by some cool folks out there and opened up for all. Still got plenty going on with the ps3 these days. I have no ambition whatsoever to buy a dongle. Never have, never will. Anyways, back to my TTT2.

  3. #233
    Lando43 Guest
    so new dongles then, I'm not too bothered having a 360 and a PC, I'm sure it will be hacked again. just don't buy this crap people, you bring this to yourself.

  4. #234
    avenilyy Guest
    there will be a dongle. shame on the RED POWER group. they told the tester there would not be a dongle, then the dongle came out. Fck RED POWER which is called BLUE DISC now. It turns out they came to the tester just for advertising by using his influences in China. The tester is angry and so disappointed now.

    Just don't buy it please.

  5. #235
    niwakun Guest
    I just dont know if the consumers will still buy the piece of hardware that had no real use on it except DRM. With the other out there ripped out almost 80-100$ on heir pockets, this time for sure, less people will buy the dongle and just wait for free solution.

    After all, we have DEX sitting there to do the job playing the latest game.

  6. #236
    dronza1 Guest
    whats the point in this if it wont play 3.55 backup, even if it did dont buy it just wait for duplex of another developer to release the fixes. come on guys dont buy nothing just a bit of patience.

  7. #237
    furientez Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Lando43 View Post
    so new dongles then, I'm not too bothered having a 360 and a PC, I'm sure it will be hacked again. just don't buy this crap people, you bring this to yourself.
    I wouldn't use this dongle, even if it was paid for... buying the dongle is like killing the scene, plz dont give them the satisfaction

  8. #238
    elser1 Guest
    well if its true that this needs a dongle i will not be giving them a cent. i'd rather buy the games so the devs get my cash. this is sicking and a real shame. greedy people suck!!

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by furientez View Post
    I wouldn't use this dongle, even if it was paid for... buying the dongle is like killing the scene, plz dont give them the satisfaction
    That is exactly correct, however, they use some pretty scary tactics to brainwash people into thinking that blowing money on such things helps the scene progress when in reality it only helps them profit off it turning what used to be a free scene into a paid one unnecessarily.

    Not to venture too far off topic here, but I just witnessed one example of these twisted mindgames last week... back in the PS2 scene there were Christian Williams Messerschmidt (aka xiaNaix) and Luis Rodriguez (<G> aka Guichi) who ran another site and are both pals with Gary Wayne Bowser (aka GaryOPA). Well, long story short someone got hold of a picture of OPA and posted it publicly and so <G> tried to defend his partner in crime by feeding the following warped logic to GregoryRasputin:

    Your hypocrisy is absolutely blinding. You are the perfect example of why X and I actually dropped out of the scene. You actually bash mods and modchip makers; knowing damn well that you yourself are using these to warez games and even go as far as post warez right on the main page on this site. Yet, you also know that the majority of these mod makers are homebrew coders thus killing any legitimate dev in the scene.

    You are actually dumb enough to acknowledge that and willing to sacrifice all of this for what YOU perceive as the good of the scene; or better yet, for your own cave dwelling ego. Funniest part is, there still isn't an easy way for the average user to run any kind of unsigned or backups on a new ps3. You literally bite the hands that feed you and yet your own self righteous undertaking is a complete failure.
    That is a perfect example of the controlling, crazy trance they attempt to push on the general public who view Web sites like these. True scene developers do it for enjoyment and as a hobby, not to profit off their peers... but of course they twist this all around so the dongle makers that slap unnecessary DRM on homebrew code look like the guys in white hats when in reality they are responsible for luring (through money) honest developers to the dark side and tearing the very fabric of a free and open source scene apart. LOL silly rabbits, tricks are for kids.

  10. #240
    niwakun Guest
    We'll, let's wait for their finish product and see if someone is still brave enough to waste their 100$ cash for this thing. Although it will just cycle, after 6months or less, the dongle cracks. Just give up guys, dongles are useless in PS3, unlike flashers that had a real use in PS3 since it saves you from accidental updates and bricks, also allows you to downgrade and dual boot, not like a damn DRM that is really had no use when you will be using it for unsign codes. Hey it's unsign code, why do I need to DRM my unsigned homebrew.

    But still, their dongles is still bugs me, what kind of dongle that is? If it was a dongle that allows 4.21OFW users to install such CFW, then that makes sense for them to sell a dongle since it will save us the hassle to use such flashers and opening our console, but if the dongle still requires to all users even if the 3.55 users, then that's bs, forget about it and just switch to DEX, you can do the same without hurting the scene.

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