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    The thing I'm wondering, if this is a 4.21 cfw, after we installed it, will it accept future .PUP signed with the old failoverflow private keys? This is something they MUST patch into the cfw otherwise whoever updates it will be deadend afterwards and even there is new cfw you won't be able to install it, only ofw fw would work. so a word of advice, if the firmware released don't rush out and install it, wait for confirmation first

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    oh well, i would b patiently waiting for the new CFW, cos i do really need it, been stuck with OFW 3.72, for those on CFW 3.55 pls stop with all the comments you should be grateful, cos you can do lots more with your ps3...

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    Actually, you will be stuck with 3.72 because it is for 3.55 only. If I understand correct.

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    I'm really happy with this news. I've already told a friend (who has bought a PS3 recently) not to update... If this is only for 3.55 then I should reccommend those on 3.56-4.21 not to update as well, you'll probably be able to install the CFW in the future.

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    so, sounds like sony has done *something* right. i hope everyone can enjoy this and not just 3.55 users like jfw

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    we only have private keys for 3.55 or below from fail0verflow, it's impossible to get new keys that work on newer firmwares so installing a PUP on 3.6+ ofw will not happen ever unless a new exploit is found. The other way is to downgrade your console with flasher to 3.55 first, problem is not all consoles (like 3000) are downgrade able. maybe you can downgrade to this 4.21fw on consoles that can't dg to 3.55 but I'm not sure.

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    Are you going to share this to demotivate user with DEX conversion? Are you going to patch the system update function to allow downgrade to 3.55 via QA Flag?

    Does this CFW need a DRM dongle to work with custom features enabled? I really hope not, it would really be a disgusting move to trap users on your cfw! Please put the card on the table ASAP!
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    Don't think so... cause someone said that you have to install this CFW on top of 3.55 CFW ...

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    OMG ... I was having trouble following the New eboot fixes thread... and now I'll have to follow this one!!!! Ok, time to call in *very* sick to work!!

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    well, hopefully it's true and hopefully "fixed" eboots don't need to be replaced.
    this week should be good (just not for the nfl )


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