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Thread: Video: PS3 4.21 CFW Running DOA5 By Red Power Team Demo!

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    azoreseuropa Guest
    Yes, you need to do that.

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    zideeq Guest
    RE6 has leaked for Xbox 360, I really wish I knew someone who could mod my damn Xbox

    I'm actually buying RE6 for PS3 so that's why I'm not bothered about a duplex release but man.

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    fantopoulos Guest

    here is a pup (supposed 4.21 but highly doubt it)

    the size is supposed to be as verified by someone else it is smaller than ofw so i said i would re upload it so i reupped it to sendspace here it is folks, not tested, so download and save it please unless you are highly skilled in this field getting in and out thank you all amazing site.

    i try to do my best and give quality info and respect this site so much, with gents like propjoe and others, this is the least i could try to do for the site, it's our family away from family if you get my drift thanks

    cheers, be careful and do not rush please ty.

    here is link first i upped and few peeps said you need premium acct well depositfiles my neighbour did not so i reupped to sendspace, i tried rphost could not get it to upload there, so sendspacve was only site i had left, tinyurl i could not find a way good luck again not tested just download wait or be very careful ty

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    how would it just work? i thought it would need to be signed with 4.21 keys since our 3.55 key is blacklisted or whatever

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    junks278 Guest
    deank this is an amazing piece of news! Happy Birthday to MM and long live to it!!

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    what if it turns out to be fake or unsuccessful? i hope to eat my words

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    Ron36 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deank View Post
    Ah, just don't tell me what and where I should put.
    please dean fill us in on what info you have on this cfw?

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    Lando43 Guest
    looking to be real then, now playing the waiting game until it's released. it's only a matter of time not if I'm sure...

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    frikiman77 Guest
    woooow is impressionant

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    stretch30 Guest
    really i dont care if its fake or not im happy with 3.55 aslong as the fixes keep coming and ps3usercheat may not even work..and if its real im not looking forward to getting orginal eboots. they say their testing psn.. why bother if it does work it wont for long we will always have to use F...psn or another...ect..and no word on showtime .. regardless of all that the only way id be updating is if netflix works.. or fixes stop coming for 3.55..

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