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    alchybear Guest
    truthfully this is probably fake, just a game edited to play on 3.55, the person shows no proof that its higher than 3.55 other than the game being set to play on 3.55 since it requires 4.21, do we not have the key to play that already? if its truly 4.21 firmware you would see ps vita game data as one way to prove its real.

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    wy103 Guest
    one thing I want to say this CFW will let you play many back up games with 4.21 fw. it's still under testing. you can choose not to believe it. it's your choice. like someone already said time will tell if it's true.

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    Luckystar Guest
    This is true

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    1611Andi Guest
    I will believe it only if i can lay my hands on this.

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    smokyyuwe Guest
    First off, the xmb doesn't have the tv/video services. You would be able to see it clearly if it was 4.21. Not saying it is fake, just odd that it doesn't have it.

    Secondly, in reply to another comment, multiman would ask them to change the param.sfo to 3.55 even if their firmware was on 4.21

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Even if it was real, it would give us nothing new other than a couple of new games being playable on CFW. I'd rather stay on 3.55 as long as it has the same game compatibility as this supposed 4.21 CFW has.

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    PSFreak26 Guest
    I heard in IRC about 4.21CFW a week ago from people who know what they saying. People with the biggest brain in the scene. It is true and no fake. You will see

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    Probably we have to say thanks to naehrwert and to KDSBest for their LV2 exploit on 4.21.

    smokyyuwe is right about MultiMAN because it is designed/implemented for 3.55

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    Lando43 Guest
    the guy who made this video is a very trustworthy person on a famous chinese hacking site (douwan), I will be shocked if he's lying.

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    wy103 Guest
    Hi guys, my english might be not good enough for this forum, the words I quote below are the actual words of the author I translated for you.

    "my friend and I drove to the city where we met the people of Red Power. they gave us a ps3 console with this new 4.21 CFW. now we are ready for testing it. please wait....

    the HDMI interface of this ps3 didn't work, we do'nt have any display device that has the AV input socket, I'm looking for a solution.
    Updated again: I bought a component cable in a store with heavy rain in the street, all wet.

    Finally back to my office, With component cable pluged to ps3 the screen of my TV's flashing very much ,I can't see anyting on the screen.

    Finally, I found that a projector in the conference room with an AV input interface that can be used,
    I tested DOA5 for a while, it worked.

    I will bring you more details about this new CFW when I finish testing more games on it ."

    Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jwp9seq2k6...PS3-DUPLEX.txt (654 MB)










    DOA5 BLES01623 DEX Update Patch by Lightyear: http://www.multiupload.nl/XZ61A0WCRP / https://dl.dropbox.com/s/qolj7r3ufq6..._DEX_patch.pkg (Mirror by zideeq)

    Download: http://www.firstload.com/?uniq=33050...5+PS3+-+DUPLEX

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