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    Dnt see any ps vita icon and sill no tv xmb spot. If this is truly a 4.21 cfw why dnt they release a version similiar as to geohot, ready to install but nothing runs -_-

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    Sep 2010
    erm? if its 4.21 all the games should run fine and not need any fixes, i still call this bs.

    oh and by the way NO 3.55 eboot game fixes would not run on 4.21 because the key has been revoked, unless they decrypted lv0 and deleted the keys from the revokelist. its still no proof all we have are words which are worthless!

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    Feb 2011
    The REAL QUESTION everyone needs to ask is: Will this be released to the public for FREE or for a PRICE!

    RED POWER is here, the name just sounds suspicious but either way, I believe this is real and will come soon.

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    Sep 2010
    how about releasing the new keys so we can create our own custom firmwares instead?

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    oh absolutely i believe a charge will be initally expected, without a doubt, if it is even going to come to fruition, it is a possibiltity, and even while i was do some searching online, i came across so many of these supposed cfw 4.21 pup that wanted you to complete a survey give your phone and get charged 5 bucks a pop every text, they are reaming some poor people out their and i do not like it, so do not rush peeps till solid evidence is conclusive cheers

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    you're awesome! i'm glad i'm not the only one wanting sorcery

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    I want this before the 2nd of October. You know what I mean right? Yeah... Resident Evil 6.

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    Hi everyone ; Do you need to be on 3.55 CFW to install this new CFW ?

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    If they can do MAGIC then i believe in them and i think if this only CFW then it's free unless it need a dongle to run then it's gonna cost money again

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    lolz, that's a pretty obvious statement. it'll be free unless it needs a useless dongle... well, duh

    I have a bit more faith in them but i will give them like 2 weeks or so to produce results that are a bit more tangible.

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