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Thread: Video: PS3 4.21 CFW Running DOA5 By Red Power Team Demo!

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    elser1 Guest
    have you got the actual fw they are using or did it come from somewhere else? i dont think the "real" one has been released yet and the ones that are released are just 4.21 ofw. at least you have a flasher anyways!

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    lansha Guest
    Tried to reply several times but kept crashing... anyways.

    Fake... look at thre time. video starts at 5:44 but when he exits MM it is 5:42... this is not CFW, he's invented a TIME MACHINE!!
    until this "cfw" is released, maybe release the keys as a sign of good faith?

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    avenilyy Guest
    No pup for this cfw has been released, at least in China.

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    fox460 Guest
    OK if you so sure about RED CFW.. ask one question - is that some kind of time bug we see on a video (video starts at 5:44 but when he exits MM it is 5:42)??

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    Waiting to play naruto generations us/eur, sorcery and many more..

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    Sonkilary Guest
    Yeah me too Naruto Generations FTW. Journey Collector's Edition, DarkSiders II, Sleeping Dogs, PES 2013, BorderLands 2.

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    i want to play resident evil 6 the most (i am a big resident evil 4 fan)

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    avenilyy Guest
    This is the explanation from the tester.

    昨天测的时候录了2段运行DOA5的视频,本以为万无一失了,于是录完就收了东西。结果到电脑上一看,第一 段前面部分没录到,而第二段又不能让大家看到第一次运行游戏MM修改SFO版本的那个细节了,当时懒得再搬 上东西去重新录了,会议室那个投影仪用起来也太麻烦了(吊得老高)。于是想着反正前面从MM进去运行的过程 都一样,于是剪辑到了一起,也就出现了开始的时间比MM出来后的系统时间晚一点。

    Translation: Made two video of DOA5 and packed up. Found the first one missed the beginning while the second one was not filmed to the end. So combined them.

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    fox460 Guest


    OK! Thanks for the answer... So what about a sound? I can create video mostly without a sound with ALan Wake - running on a PS3 with icons MM etc. And before i will show you 9.99 CFW MOtheOFGod edition... its not a Point... This video looks like a 240P quality with Windows Maker post-processing.

    BTW this CFW will be free for us or some kind of DRM one? Thanks

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    avenilyy Guest
    The RG gave the tester an old PS3 whose hdmi was broken. The cfw is not released, I do not how they will release it. That is why the tester got an old PS3 not a pup file. It would be a sham if it is not free for us. Hope it is. Just wait.

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