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    Updated: The RED POWER personnel Reply - only 3.55 brush, Brush risk 3.55 upgrade to the official 4.21. The hard drop machine can brush. Systems can say with certainty, 4.21 system, rather than 3.55 camouflage like. PSV data management in the figure above icon is irrefutable evidence!
    Don't make me laugh, every single person on earth can edit a xml file to add "this is not a fake" icon to 3.55 XMB!!!

    Post the 4.21 lv0 key and i'll believe them, keep talking and i won't trust any single word!

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    I think it is true. The guy is legit.. He wouldn't wanna destroy his reputation.

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    after recent fix patch releases it's very obvious scene groups have 4.2x keys. I bet Resident Evil 6 will be fixed day0 like Fifa 13. I don't know why they are holding back but releasing popular games here and there. This firmware certainly has the keys in it. 3.55 spoofed or 4.21 fw doesn't matter much.

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    I have tried all of the .pup posted on this site and all of them show as 4.21 in system settings, and do not have install .pkg, unless there is another way to install .pkg files on this firmware that is not explained or shown, it is just stock firmware.

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    wow, it is indeed an honor to be replied by you. But it is not fake. The cfw is using an old version multiman. That is why the sfo changing shows up. Time will tell, but please don't make your decision so early. thanks a lot for all your great work.

    I admire you very much. The cfw have to be installed on 3.55. I don't know how it works. It is 4.21 after the installing. You can check the PSVita icon in the pic. Another proof is monster hunter can not be played on 3.55 but it works in this cfw. At last, the one who is testing is 100% trustable. He in the Chinese forum is just like you in this one. He does not need fame by showing a fake joke.

    It is real. Please check my last reply.
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    I wish someone could translate it better, its so interesting but crazy confusing.

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    so any hope for those on OFW 3.72

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    You can check #145. It is more or less a translation.

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    i remember when dongles came out i didn't beleive it was real and the forum was divided. i just think the only thing to do is wait a day or 2 and see what happens. hopefully there will be a nice gift for us soon.

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    I will downgrade to 3.55 CFW now and install and report back, I want this to work, but I also have to report as to what I actually see it do.

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