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Thread: Video: PS3 4.21 CFW Running DOA5 By Red Power Team Demo!

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    Giving them some time to show this is legit CFW is not bad idea, Before saying this is fake. Still we do not have a Solid proof either this is fake or legit.

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    Lando43 Guest

    Red Power Confirms New PS3 Games, DLC & More Run on CFW 4.21!

    Following up on yesterday's PS3 4.21 CFW Video by the Red Power Team, today The First Emperor has posted an update confirming several new PlayStation 3 titles are working alongside PS Vita Data Management, PS3 homebrew, Blu-ray movies, and DLC as outlined below!

    Thus far, PS3 games that run fine include Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD, Dynasty Warriors MR2 HD, Alchemy Kobo Love Summer (Chinese version), Bleach Soul Burning (Chinese version), Disgaea 4 (Chinese version), Double Dragon (PSN), PES 2013, and the Resident Evil 6 Demo.

    To quote, roughly translated from Chinese:

    This post will serve as evaluation designed software, while test side update, sustained attention! Want to say: I'm just testing the only valid and the consultation released way like true is not within my ability. Until now, I only got a brush system host everything! Detailed follow-up release of do not send all RED the POWER can decide things in me.

    First, get under the host. Host model CECH-2512B. Has good brush RED the POWER 4.21CFW...

    Get brush good, so the uncertainty is not 4.21 official system can brush. Verify that the 3.55 can brush, it is recommended to continue to adhere to the 3.55 positions first, waiting for further news!

    Updated: The RED POWER personnel Reply - only 3.55 brush, Brush risk 3.55 upgrade to the official 4.21. The hard drop machine can brush. Systems can say with certainty, 4.21 system, rather than 3.55 camouflage like. PSV data management in the figure above icon is irrefutable evidence!

    Next game test:

    1. Monster Hunter P3 HD - running OK

    Because the host comes with the MM version is too old, and does not support direct load install PSP REMASTER game, so the game ontology install PKG copied to a USB hard to install. After the installation is complete, XMB appears the MHP3 the icon. Click to enter. GOGOGO.

    2. Dynasty Warriors MR2 HD - running OK

    Monster Hunter P3 HD game external use MM loaded in XMB install icon (I do not know why, not life and death to this icon MHP3, I thought it was too MM version)

    Installation: Then the XMB icon of the game. Click to go running OK. At this point, the PSP REMASTER the game testing come to an end, no accident, then, the light tone HD should be no problem. This is also further proof, RED POWER 4.21CFW real 4.21 system.

    3. The Chinese version of Alchemy Kobo love summer - running OK

    Load the game, return to the XMB can be run directly in MM. (Do not Tucao that MM's name, I do not know why, get host MM title Genji, estimated the MM changes when useful to Genji the SFO's part information)
    Formally entered the game 10 minutes after installation

    Names perfect game (this broken TV box is not very clear, but still be able to see it orz), so this is not in the Japanese version patch run on the DEX Oh

    4. Bleach Soul Burning Chinese version - run OK

    Load the game, return to the XMB can be run directly in MM.

    Moves to table the perfect garbled, not the U.S. version of the finished patch oh (continue to give the quality of the AV urine kneeling)

    5. Disgaea 4 Chinese version - run OK

    Load the game, return to the XMB can be run directly in MM.

    6. Double Dragon (PSN) - run OK

    Install the official PKG file the then. Edat authority of MM FTP send / dev_hdd0/home/00000001/exdata /

    Double Dragon icon can be run directly XMB

    7. PES2013 - running OK

    Load the game, return to the XMB can be run directly in MM.

    8. Resident Evil 6 DEMO - running OK

    To install official PKG file directly, XMB game icon. Run.

    Game testing to which it also lacks measurable tomorrow going to retest Hatsune EX wants some details about the game testing:

    1. Confirmed before the release of the 3.41 & 3.55 crack should be able to directly use EBOOT (tested destruction company Pacific Squadron WWII body of the game with a 3.55 crack the EBOOT).

    2. TB (JB2) EBOOT eventuality, it is estimated that 99% No.

    3. MM loaded higher than the 3.55 version of the game will be prompted if you want to modify the SFO was 3.55. Select "Yes" or "No" can be a normal game. This 3.55 MM change because the system directly, but masked this feature of the MM cause it will prompt OTL although no real significance.

    4. Genuine disk run no problem, test the journey of the Chinese version, the Chinese version of the Tokyo Jungle.

    Homemade procedures:
    • Comes to my host the two homebrew - OM, one MM.
    • OM can not run, MM can. Find someone to study these two procedures of 4G rods Discuss Topic. Tuesday 02 October, found that the signature is different.
    • In addition, their own test to install the latest version of the MM and openps3ftpsplit of, can run, so it should be, and the team claimed - the system can not run other homebrew!
    • The, MM Fortunately own FTP tool. MM FTP function properly been tested...

    Updated: RP group's message: they will launch new MANAGER procedures, the name is still "RED the POWER. In addition, they will consider the release can be run in this homemade system REACTPSN.

    Blu-ray player:

    Test on hand two Blu-ray movies - Spider-Man 3 and the source code are normal playback.


    Been tested before the spinach released FF13-2 crack DLC PKG install the 1.06 version of FF13-2 using the normal.

    Testing. Tomorrow is expected to test the PSN, PSV CROSS PLAY function to be continued...

    [imglink=|Red Power Confirms New PS3 Games, DLC & More Run on CFW 4.21!][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Red Power Confirms New PS3 Games, DLC & More Run on CFW 4.21!][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Red Power Confirms New PS3 Games, DLC & More Run on CFW 4.21!][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Luckystar Guest
    I guarantee that this is true, because we have a prototype. I think which multiMAN special and take advantage of the Lv2 attack. However, the system can install unsigned PKG.

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    KaInEvIL Guest
    It adds that much needed spice to the drama.

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    Yourname Guest
    The next few days/weeks should be very interesting, along with this new cfw rumor, E3 said (30-7) within 2 months they were releasing a new system and all game eboots to be free...

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    junks278 Guest
    He explained the "Multiman misplaced name" matter. Any kind chinese soul care to translate?

    直接在MM里载入游戏,返回XMB运行即可。(请不要吐槽那个MM的名字,我也不知道为啥,拿到的主机上M M标题显示是源氏,估计这个MM改动的时候有用到源氏SFO的部分信息吧)

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    niwakun Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by technodon View Post
    yeah, but for now its just a video and not a very good one. there is no evidence to say this is firmware 4.21 and its much easier to patch dead of alive for 3.55 than jailbreak a new firmware they would need a new private key to resign the homebrew and the loaders then decrypt lv2_kernel and add peek and poke which will be at completely different offsets. i'm almost 100% certain that this is 3.55
    +1 with this.

    plus, they need to do more hacking in metldrv2 first before hacking any thing like lv2, since even if they manage to exploit lv2, it will not be the same cfw we will be getting for. that for sure.

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    avenilyy Guest
    I have to say something after reviewing all the posts above. IT IS TRUE. The "change sfo 4.21 to 3.55" is the Multiman mater. The game can be played whether you choose yes or no.

    The guy testing the cfw is the manager of the Chinese forum. He dedicated many years to it and has no reason to cheat. Many games have been tested playable on the cfw. The time question in that video was also explained. With all these bad luck and your doubts, RED GROUP did it.

    P.S. Pls check the update if you can read Chinese:

    no .pup has been released by now yet.

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    KaInEvIL Guest
    Lol, he claims that the Resident Evil 6 Demo is running too.

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    Sebodoamat Guest
    And PES 2013 is running too

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