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    tulla2010 Guest
    Seriously guys, do you really expect the CFW to be 'leaked' onto the net, all you will get over the coming days are kids re-branding 4.21 & saying its a CFW & there are some of you out there who will be dumb enough to install it !

    If your on 3.55 you already have a great selection of games to play so why risk screwing your PS3 to install 4.21 ?? & as for those stuck on higher firmwares, you've waited this long for a solution so wait a bit longer & if this turns out to be true, then it will be released & be all over news forums such as these then you can jump all over it & if proved vapourware you've lost nothing.

  2. #112
    sudburymod Guest
    They do not have to install it I already did it for them.

  3. #113
    derceto Guest
    Have to fully agree with you here. Nothing worse than people getting their hopes up so badly that they will download anything that claims to be leaked and install it. Then they either just installed OFW, or worse, bricked their console. Time will tell this one. Patience. Now... back to TTT2.

  4. #114
    Foo Guest
    Well right off the bat...

    The file sizes are the exact same:

    Core OS files are the same:

    Lv2 is the same:

    And lv1:

    And lv0:

    And lv0.2:

    And to boss who asked... the MD5 checksums are the same.



    So with all that being said... we can pretty much discard this unless this team blows our mind with an update.

  5. #115
    Foo Guest
    BTW - I do not trust the source of which I obtained the so called 'CFW' but I'm looking forward to updates. (Source of CFW file must be invalid)

  6. #116
    fantopoulos Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by zideeq View Post
    How is it only 196kb? this makes no sense to me, that means that when you wipe out your old FW this will replace = BRICK. Am I right?
    sorry my mistake if you would have checked the file size you would have seen that 196.795 kb= 192 mb no disrespect but if you would of checked site you would have seen that it .

    is common little mistakes by people thinking that 196795 kb = 192 mb partially my typo error but it is 192 mb to be exact no 196 kb huge difference 100 times the size

    Quote Originally Posted by Sonkilary View Post
    Can you post the source of CFW PUP File please ? where did it come from ?
    thank you Sonkilary you are a person that checks then speaks unlike others we are trying to help here, not ruin

  7. #117
    fantopoulos Guest
    send me a site and i will reup no problem, i tried depositfiles myself from my neighbours computer he got in, using regular download it takes 60 seconds to download, but i tried upping to rhhost, but would not allow me any sites recommended i will reup to a couple it is no problem for me cheers!

  8. #118
    JOshISPoser Guest
    i remember seeing those monster hunter 3 pics somewhere but it was not related to this... idk, i can't remember. drugs are bad, mmmkay?

  9. #119
    fantopoulos Guest
    the source i use are 0 day ftp sites which i have been a member for a while, i never tested, don't need to update at moment if real which group snapped pictures doesnt really shows anything good,and upon further investigations, there is a lot of fake/passworded pup (supposed 4.21) which even has a dev that has not been in the ps3 scene for over a year easily.

    so someone is downloading whatever and putting stupid names on it 4.30, 4,25, 4,21 cfw on it which is a complete lie, time will tell folks if red power is true or just another group of people using other sources to make money of false crap, so i suggest leave it be for now, no bricking allowed it is going fine the way it is for last 6 months why get greedy for 5 extra games ?

    Quote Originally Posted by sudburymod View Post
    They do not have to install it I already did it for them.
    and what was your solution if you don't mind sharing with many that would appreciate your findings, also their is so many uploads now we are unsure what or which file it is cheers

  10. #120
    JOshISPoser Guest
    he said it didn't work. well, actually, he just said it was ofw with nothing changed. it could have been someone trying to get attention or it could just be the final straw and proof this is fake.

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