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Thread: Video: PS3 4.21 CFW Running DOA5 By Red Power Team Demo!

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    elser1 Guest
    i wish i had a flasher so i can test it for everyone. heaps of members here do have them though so hopefully someone will report back soon.

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    derceto Guest
    This guy sure happened to have a lot of bad luck. PS3 with broken HDMI port, got soaked on his way to the china mart to buy a component cable, projector is on the fritz, all that in one day. Strange coincidence.

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    elser1 Guest
    we should all throw in $1 and get a flasher and console to have a ps3news test unit for someone with real skills and knowledge to check all things for us.

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    sudburymod Guest
    I have installed the firmware from 4.11 OFW when installing from the XMB it gave an error, booted into recovery mode and installed no problems.

    There is no install package or anything and shows as 4.21 in system information.

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    thanks sudburymod. so, someone is lying, either the guy who posted the firmware or the group. i'm kinda leaning towards both but the guy who posted the firmware should say a source...

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    zoonin Guest
    New update: Guys!

    MHP3 is coming with the console. Show the PICs first (AV port connected with the Video Box on PC.It looks not too clear, just ignore it!The video will come this afternoon!) Because the MM in the console was too old, it did not support PSP REMASTER Games, so I copy the game PKG to USB disk and have it installed. After installation, XMB icon of MHP3 shows up. Push the button to enter the game.

    PICs from here:

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    zideeq Guest
    Why don't you upload it on tinypic! ITS FREE! How can you NOT know how to upload a picture to a FREE FILE HOST! I smell LIES

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    sudburymod Guest
    The pup I downloaded from this site which was the first link posted is not a CFW from what I see. Yet updates are still being done on it's status, still hoping it was the uploader that sent the wrong file or a fake. But the person updating the status etc. if you are real, send me the correct .pup file and I will install it and shoot a proper HD video showing it.

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    elser1 Guest
    i think zoonin is just translating from the chinese site, making it easy for us to understand...

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    zoonin Guest
    The pup file did not show up yet. I think it will be released after full testing. This will not be too long.

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