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    Wait till tomorrow... Play fifa 13 a little

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    More bad news, I just done a sound analysis on this video and a cut appears at 0:25-0:26. This just adds more to the doubt of this being real. Also anyone else checked out the original source's uploads? ( he only has ONE video related to PS3 hacking. All seems fishy.

    LOL screw FIFA I hate sports games! I just want RE6 released so I can play some good ol fashion Co-Op

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    Now that I think about this it doesn't really make any sense.

    They made a MFW to run a game that doesn't need a MFW to run. There is no Install PKGs or app_home. It just doesn't make much sense... now if it was a HBL that'd be more reasonable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garine View Post
    Its the same MD5HASH! OFW v4.21 = 31f890bd9e75deed773c29e51e56a4b9

    AND this = 31f890bd9e75deed773c29e51e56a4b9
    Can someone else confirm this? Reason I ask is I compared them here and this is what I get:

    PS3UPDAT.PUP (4.21 Sony): 192 MB (202,059,824 bytes)
    PS3UPDAT.PUP (4.21 CFW): 192 MB (201,517,104 bytes)

    WinHex shows 188,302,743 differences found. Unless my PC is just acting up as it was slower than usual to compare them.

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    so, i guess we give them a day or two to release more proof or else this should probably be dismissed. most fake videos and stuff generally go away that quickly except maybe a post or two saying "omg, we're not fake. if you keep saying that, we're not gonna release it".

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    a NON-Confirmed CFW 4.21 MultiMirrors Links.

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    Give me about 20 minutes and I should be able to look into the files within the firmware...

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    Translation for Newest progress:

    Update for a new day: A New day, we'll continue our tests. First about the time of yesterday's video.

    I recorded two videos yesterday. Thought that's ok. Then I packed all up after recording.When I play it on PC,I found that the first video did not record all the scene that the first part of the video was missing. So the 2nd video did not show the detail of how cfw modify the sfo version where the game ran first time.

    It was hard to send the DV up to the projecter to record the video again. Then I gived up,and just cut the two videos into one. So guys, you see the time in the video was chaos, it was just a little miss.Still that words, if you had faith in us that you would believe it. Today I would pay more attention to it, so don't worry guys.

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    Nice THX Foo

    You got a flasher to actually test it without risks?


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    anyone with a flasher gonna try this? i'm like really surprised no one has tried it, even like a noob getting ahead of himself and just installing whatever

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