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Thread: Video: PS3 3.72 Keys and CFW Development Collaboration WIP

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    NITROFOX Guest
    Tuhta challenge you to create a video with opening uncharted 3 drake's diary.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I honestly think the thread should be closed now. But it also should be posted in the main page so users realize it has already been posted here and the same video isn't re-posted in another thread and another discussion on whether or not it's fake or real doesn't start.

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    CS67700 Guest
    Agree, lets not let the "fake or true" debate install itself back here. 48h hours at max, then it should be closed again, until some other videos/news pop up.

    The same questions come over and over again anyway, can't be sure of anything at the moment. And I do agree that this should be posted on front page, it's news, we have no clue rather it's fake or true at the moment, but we shouldn't draw out the possibility that this CAN BE legit.

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    Natepig Guest
    Some say fake... some say not just like before, but I agree with HMH that until something else surfaces, it should get closed before the embers catch again.

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    WallaceTco Guest
    I have 3 questions ...
    Under what FW should install the new CFW (3.70 - 3.72 - 3.73)?
    Would it be necessary to patch the games, or loaded directly?
    Is any process required to run the backups?

    ps. excuse my english ...

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    saviour07 Guest
    I personally don't think it should be mainpaged because of the fact the eboot for BF3 has been released.

    OK, Dirt 3 eboot hasn't been released but no one can say for certain that what ever method was used to create the BF3 eboot couldn't have been applied to the Dirt 3 eboot... in which case a massive influx of "Fake" or "Post XYZ proof" of posts will fill this thread.

    I don't agree on closing the thread, because of what the Boss said - it's a vent for people to discuss the most recently released video's.

    I understand they are kind of a contradiction in interests, but I don't believe this is MainPage worthy but I do believe that it is Discussion worthy, if that makes sense?

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    Apr 2005
    We'll give it another hour or two and then close it up again... based on the responses it doesn't appear the Dirt 3 video is worth mainpaging even on Halloween as part of the "Trick or Treat" festivities.

    If it was up to me alone, I'd mainpage such things mainly because I don't care what is real or fake in videos (to me, they all serve as an 'entertainment' purpose similar to how wrestling is fake but people watch it, etc), but since a lot of members here do care it's better to leave it confined to this thread I suppose.

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    Natepig Guest
    They stir up debate for sure.

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    Skitsofrantik Guest
    Can't wait to see if this comes out.

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    CS67700 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    why is there no cover on the PS3? Hiding the "TEST" logo.
    You can see the cover on the left, just next to the console. I don't know where the "TEST" logo is placed usually, but it looks usual from here. I don't believe he would risk letting it next to the console if the main reason was to hide something.

    A slim debug unit should cost a fortune (I heard it's usually sold around 10.000$), not mentioning about the struggle to make that game work on CFW (reading you guys, it sounds easy, but from what i know NO ONE except Duplex has pulled that trick at the moment). Honestly, it's a lot of trouble for a joke, just my two cents, but you never know ...

    Maybe he was just thinking outside the box and found a way of making this possible.

    Lets give it time.

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