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    exx22 Guest
    he should give us more info.. it seems he almost finished his work and if it is duplex fix where is it (duplex always release) i believe this is true cfw

    i believe just making working eboots is more than enough

  2. #482
    Ezio Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    I will await some more feedback...
    Boss, why don't you ask to CJPC if it is only a debug ps3 and if it doesn't prove anything? I'm sure CJPC has my same opinion about it.

    landon, I respect your opinion even if it is wrong.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Debug = RED PSN logo.

  4. #484
    Ezio Guest
    No, dear friend, just the opposite. Debug=Blue PSN logo ; Rebug=Red PSN logo.

  5. #485
    CS67700 Guest
    Why do you try to convince everyone that this is fake ? Are you in conflict with this member ? I don't understand.

    Can't you just take it for what it's worth and wait ? Why does it have to be fake ? Seriously ... This is annoying.

    This guy has been showing progress so far (what everyone is asking for) but still, he gets bullets shot at his face. If you think its fake and not worth it just avoid posting in here ? I mean, you're free to express your opinion, but acting this way is just freaking annoying and creates tensions.

    Whys does it always have to be the old "fake or true" debate ? He's giving hope to the scene, showing progress, don't you think he would have ran away already if this whole story was fake ? Why bother making videos, opening up his PS3, soldering stuff, finding a way to make Dirt 3 work on CFW (which hasn't been done by Duplex yet, and we all know they're talented lads) ? Don't you think it's a lot of trouble to just make fun of the scene ?

    Take this into consideration, even if you're skeptic.

  6. #486
    pablogers Guest


    just my modest opinion from someone who never posts... JUST wait, please, and support the man, we don't lose anything, this scene is just a bunch of people fighting for stupid things instead of working for great things... TUHTA go, prove everyone wrong please!!! and thanks in advance...

    Greetings from Chile

  7. #487
    TDMaster Guest
    is it possible to install this CFW on PS3 3.56+ or needed to install only on 3.55CFW?

  8. #488
    killer124 Guest
    i wouldn't mainpage this, its just food for the trolls, they will be hatin on it for sure... others will just wait, so i'd keep it low, the more you hype up something (the community not the dev in this case) the more edgy people get and the less fun the dev has... solving a problem so many failed before you is only a motivator up to a certain point

    has any dev ever tried thinking about new methods getting root_key0 or whatever by doing lsd? always helped jobs out

  9. #489
    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
    Boss, why don't you ask to CJPC if it is only a debug ps3 and if it doesn't prove anything? I'm sure CJPC has my same opinion about it.

    landon, I respect your opinion even if it is wrong.
    Well, that's the problem with videos. You can never tell what is actually going on, if its real or not. Anyone half decent could craft together a 100% perfect fake, or use a debug ps3. Supporting the "its a debug" (apart from the video) = why is there no cover on the PS3? Hiding the "TEST" logo.

    But to go against that, why not just put on a normal cover, and have less questions - unfortunately (take it from experience), videos will never satisfy everyone. I recall years ago, talking about loading games from SD Card / USB (from a debug). It was all called out as fake - videos were posted to prove it, it was still fake. Of course, it wasn't fake however without real proof (a method release / files), there will always be questions on what is actually going on.

  10. #490
    Ecniv Guest
    Well I have to agree it's interesting to say the least, the one thing I don't understand is why everybody is outing TUHTA, are you all acting/preaching out of first hand knowledge?? Because if even one of you have already been able to accomplish CFW 3.72 why haven`t I or (as far as I know) anyone else ever seen your version??

    I know there where a lot of people that have disappointed a lot of us, but let`s not forget there where a lot of people that
    flamed Graf Chokolo when he first started (Who has given us Linux back and now has vanished from the face of the earth), and let not forget Hermes who despite a lot of us even returned to the scene.

    I guess what I'm trying to say we are talking about a person that has been of quite above average value (on this forum), let's give him the benefit of the doubt instead of flaming him and forcing him to quit the scene as well.

    Sorry if I offended anyone with this post but I just got tired of the distrust within the scene.

    TUHTA I hope you will be able to sort out this CFW and maybe bring some peace back to this part of the PS3 Scene.

    Good luck to You!!

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