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    Get 3.7 keys decrypt eboot with it and then encrypt with 3.55 keys there you go. And now stop asking stupid questions if your don't able to read the post. This isn't for end users yet. So guys like you will not be able to play 3.7+ games a long time.

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    Would love to help if I could but I suck in these kind of things. Anybody wanna tutor me lol

    Anyway good luck on this, would be mighty impressive if you manage to pull this off.

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    Agreed, plenty great games out there requiring those keys, my dark souls is sitting on the shelf... waiting

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    Seems like you're onto something TUHTA, good luck. Looks you got enough helpers, but if you need any more I'm here.

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    Ok.. As far as I understand is that you found the keys and you are looking for Devs/Chef's who could use them to revive the scene.. am I right..??

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    This is a good news, I'll be here if you ever need some help ^^

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    This is a great find TUHTA , you are the first person I really believe in! BIG KUDOS. Finally someone who takes the time (and guts) to announce such a great discovery! I got my eyes glued to this thread for reading of your progress!

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    if you success, you're a hero!

    good luck to you!!!

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    Hi TUHTA,

    If you need, I'm your disposable. I think I'm able to help you.

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    Great work!

    Actually, if you want my advice, don't post any proof of it... No videos, no screen shots, nothing. The reason being that everything is monitor once this type of news gets legit, hence the reason why everyone get's smack by Sony before they can publish their work.

    Keep it to yourself, once your solution works, document it and leak it. Unfortunately, if this scene wants to move forward, someone will need to sacrifice their fame for a bit.

    Do the right thing, don't attract attention to yourself and publish it when it's ready

    Good luck!

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