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    Big Grin

    Hello everyone, As i promised here is the footage of my PS3 3.72 CFW which I was able to make thanks to the keys I extracted with the CloneSkeet and my exploit.

    As you can see, it has the following features:

    1. Use official PSN (PlayStation Network)
    2. Run Homebrews
    3. Run backups (I will make another video next week, showing that feature)

    I'm working hard & try my best.

    Here is the hardware i used:
    • This is the CloneSkeet (Clone of the ProgSkeet)
    • Comes from Indonesian GUYS (Thanks for copying

    Here is some of my soldering skills. (see attachments)

    Thanks for watching!

    Hello everyone... I was working hard past 2 weeks...

    Since i'm not lucky enought i haven't found anyone who can help me, but anyway, i worked out, the method of getting keys, on FW 3.72

    Actually its pretty simple

    1. Boot PS3
    2. Make a trick
    3. Exploit loads into ps3
    4. Exploit works out and copys keys to an external USB storage device (was a bit horrible but its ok), it actually copies it in the .bin format... so you open it with a hex and its fine,also it gives names so you wont get confused
    5. Finally take your USB stick on your PC and there you go

    Yeah, hopefully i'm not gonna release actual exploit or any keys for now,before the final CFW is ready to Deploy to final end user... as you might now... keys or exploit means nothing for an end person.

    Anyway, the thing is, i'm looking for some people (post in that thread DON'T SEND PM's) who can get something useful with it.

    Also i kind look for some end users who can give some ideas what kind of things they would like to have (any homebrews to be ported and that kind stuff).

    However, i worked out the Metldr stuff... so i can get below than a factory FW... lets say 3.72 from factory, so i can still get back to 1.00 any console (not sure about slim) but fats just fine.

    Another thing is Exploit is actually HARDWARE hole... so it means ITS NON PATCHABLE, like Xbox 360 glitch.. or some.

    Great deal is , you can figure the PSN phrase in the future, so lets say sony updated the FW and you don't have new CFW, just generate new PSN phrase and you are ready to go! Its like to be online on 3.55 CFW while psn requires 3.72.

    So i wrote too much, anyway need people who interested in helping.. End users you are welcome, everything that happens in the Scene is for you!

    Cheers everyone...

    PS. For proofs, check this thread in next few days, maybe next monday i hope i'll get a few mins for making a video for you!

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    Great work!

    Props for advancing the scene.

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    If you need some help i would be glad to support you. Keep up the good work and don't forget to take your rest

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    I would release the keys.. it's not like Sony doesn't know them.

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    They do know them, but they don't want anyone else to know them.

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    Anyway, pm me if you want me to decrypt/encrypt SELFs or create a CFW with the 3.72 keys.

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    I suspect some exciting things by Xmas time for all ongoing projects.

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    I say if you do release the keys, don't do it publicly.

    But imo, don't do it until after the cfw releases.

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    I have now merged the old help thread and this video one and moved it to the PS3 CFW discussion section so that other members can join in the project's development with you, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sjlot View Post
    Anyway, pm me if you want me to decrypt/encrypt SELFs or create a CFW with the 3.72 keys.
    I'm sure he can do it by his self. By the way... to do a cfw you don't need the keys. You can send modded or self written files to him and he encrypts and compile to install able pup. Sorry but join date oct 2010, first post today in this thread and you really think he will give the keys to you ?

    Cause he can write AND find a exploit and then he should need you to de/en crypt self's ? There are plenty tools out to do this and it only needs you to put the keys into a dir and then enter a small command after a few sec he hase the de or en crypted file. FOR WHAT YOU WANT THE KEYS ?

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