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  1. #21
    praveenmantra Guest
    but how that guy shows infamous 2 ?

  2. #22
    masterhoodie Guest
    There was a Subway thing that if you won, you got InFamous 2 early.

  3. #23
    ZerotakerZX Guest
    look there...

  4. #24
    PSGamer24 Guest
    People should really buy this game.

  5. #25
    leukotic Guest
    Seems if I2 gets leaked on torrents early that Sony is going to have a short list of people to hunt down.

  6. #26
    barrybarryk Guest
    not really the game discs are printed weeks before release with hundreds of copies sent out early for reviewers and stores etc that's why a lot of the big games coming out have gotten leaked early.

  7. #27
    elser1 Guest
    LMFAO they take the frustration of no lovin to the net.. LOL

    ima buy this game for sure

  8. #28
    praveenmantra Guest
    k man... thanks

  9. #29
    dogggg Guest
    yup.. definitely a must "Buy" i have 2 ps3z.. one them is CFW and i download games but i still buy games like this "infamous"and Killzone 3, heavy rain.. etc and can't wait 2 buy Uncharted 3 and resistance 3.

  10. #30
    p0tsm0ke Guest
    1 foot long & the game behind the counter.

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