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  1. #11
    derklown Guest
    Thanks for the update

  2. #12
    hayman Guest
    nice work mashallah

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    maysam91 Guest

    Video: XMB Arabic Edition (Mustafa Star) PS3 CFW 4.50 v1.04 Arrives

    Following up on the previous update, today I (mortahda salh) have made available my XMB Arabic Edition (Mustafa Star) PS3 CFW 4.50 v1.04 with details below.

    Download: Xmb_Arabic_Edition__MUSTAFA_STAR__CFW_4.50.pkg (32.1 MB)

    Hi all... I finish to day from release xmb arabic cfw 4.50 that is contain:

    1. add official gameboot.
    2. add new waves.
    3. add new style xmb.
    4. add new themes.
    5. remove cinavia protection. (thanks to habib).
    6. add ability to install on cfw rogero and habib cfw 4.50.
    7. get more translation.

    To watch video:

    Note: These were made from my efforts.

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    Kratoz Guest
    Please remove this, because arabic language files from my work.

    just change some things.


  5. #15
    maysam91 Guest
    i swear this is my work only without any one just (habib) files cinavia protection special thanks for him.

    because (haider) thinks that he is only one know how to translate to arabic language and that is wrong because the world full with more than and i will continue with more and more and special thanks for administration.

    thanks for every one like this or dislike but there is no thing impossible with more efforts in the future i will do my best for you and soon i will release REBUG XMB ARABIC language.

  6. #16
    tommasi Guest
    both of you are Iraqis who live in Iraq and now you guys fighting over this? like really? both of you should work together not against each other.

    Just because he did translate to Arabic doesn't make him think he is the only one who can do it, but at least he step up and did it first and now you just took his idea and did it again and bad mouthing him.

  7. #17
    Kratoz Guest
    Sorry I checked the files, it's different from my files. You are translated 68 files, and I translated 98 files. I will be released tomorrow for my files. Again I say sorry

  8. #18
    maysam91 Guest
    thanks to tommasi to his advice. and kratoz for his apologize.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Video: Haider ENG2AR (Arabic) v1.04 PS3 CFW 4.50 is Released

    Following up on his previous update and the recent update by Mustafa Star (aka mortahda salh), today PlayStation 3 developer Haider.Kiara has made available a demo installation video of what he calls Haider ENG2AR v1.04 PS3 CFW for 4.50 which adds Arabic language support to the PS3 system.

    Download: HAIDER ENG2AR v1.04 CFW4.50.rar (49.29 MB)

    To quote, roughly translated: Hi, this official update for HAIDER ENG2AR with support CFW 4.50

    • Added support CFW 4.50 (Rogero & Habib & STEVEN)
    • Added new font
    • Added ShowTime Arabic, after install mod go to install package files and install it
    • Added theme UNCHARTED 3: Drake's Deception PS3 Dynamic Theme
    • Change XMB wave animation by b0redkid
    • Change coldboot

    Note: Please do not turn off the system during the installation process

    Important note there is no support for browsing ARABIC or Keyboard

    How to Install

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  10. #20
    maysam91 Guest

    Rebug CFW 4.46.2 XMB Mod v02.03.08 Arabic ICE Edition Installer 1.6

    Following up on my previous update, today I present a new translation of mine (Mustafa Star) for Rebug CFW 4.46.2 XMB Mod v02.03.08 Arabic ICE Edition Installer 1.6 with details below.

    Download: REBUG_CFW_4.46.2_XMB_MOD_v02.03.08.Arabic.__ICE_ED ITION__Installer_1.6.pkg

    Hi all... I *MUSTAFA STAR* and I finish new translation I finish from translate (REBUG_CFW_4.46.2_XMB_MOD_v02.03.08.English._[ICE_EDITION]_Installer_1.6~1) to ARABIC language and has the same feature, it look as the original and has more changes thanks to [IcEmAn] and thanks to PS3 NEWS.


    NOTE: This where translate by *mustafa star* only.

    1. first of all you need to be on cfw rebug 4.46.1 rex edition
    2. install rebug-toolbox-02.01.05.pkg from package manager - install from hdd
    3. run the rebug tools from xmb and make sure on (rebug) mode and on (retail) xmb and on dex setting. (i am not talking about dex mode)
    4. install the the arabic ice edition.
    5. finally before this steps make sure you ara on (english language us)

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