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Thread: Video: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) PS3 Digital Edition Hits PSN

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    Video: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) PS3 Digital Edition Hits PSN

    Today many users are reporting that the digital edition / version of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is now available to download on PSN for $59.99 is weighs in around 18GB (17.2GB) in size.

    Download: UP1004-NPUB31154_00-GRANDTHEFTAUTO05 (Game ID / PSN Store Link) / Direct Download Link (IP-based) / GTA5_PSN.pkg (Mirror) / GTAV RIF Files.rar / R2R.rar (Rif Files + Act.dat + IDPS) / TRP (Trophies Extracted) / (ICON0.PNG, PIC1.PNG, PARAM.SFO + SND0.AT3) / GTA V EBOOT / GTA V EBOOT.BIN / GTA V (USA) (Mirrors) / GrandTheftAutoVEUR.pkg (EUR) / gta5.rar (EBOOT, SFO, EDAT) / edat and eboot.rar (Mirror) / GetConsoleID.exe / PS3 IDMac EvoView.exe from NiceShot / GTAV-PATCH-REBUG-VIRUS-INFECTED.pkg / EP1004-NPEB01283_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL.rap (Error 80010017) / gta5gangs.flv / NPEB01283_GTA V fix.rar by ZombieKillah (Appears to be just a PKG for Medal of Honor: Warfighter) / GTA V Leaked Videos.7z / GTA V Save Editor v3.0.0.0 by Red-EyeX32

    SHA-1 Content: 70bbab52262a033d22c07415752f6628ac248417
    Package Klicensee: A97E2BF3B70B2D13B67E0F755587784D

    Unfortunately users who do pre-order the title will have to wait until the official release date of September 17th to play it, unless a PS3 scene release group finds a way to hack or unlock the video game of course. Current reports indicate, as expected, the GTAV eboot.bin and edat.bin are heavily encrypted though.

    Those who attempt to run Grand Theft Auto V at the moment are currently receiving a PS3 8002951E error as pictured here.

    Error 80010009 (from Miralatijeras CFW with the RIF license bypass instead of the renew license error) is easily fixed with Aldostools' bruteforce app ( / ps3tools update), as bolded in part of the eboot fix bat file that fixes that error below:
     @Echo  off
    set CID=
    FOR /F "tokens=1,2 delims= " %%A IN ('scetool.exe -i EBOOT.BIN') DO (
    if [%%A]==[ContentID] set CID=%%B
    scetool.exe -v -d EBOOT.BIN EBOOT.elf
    if not exist EBOOT.elf scetool.exe -l 1193590B4DDE4F5B8E44F5F14877D0B6 -v -d EBOOT.BIN EBOOT.elf
    if not exist EBOOT.elf unself.exe EBOOT.BIN EBOOT.elf
    FixELF.exe EBOOT.elf "24 13 BC C5 F6 00 33 00 00 00 36" "24 13 BC C5 F6 00 33 00 00 00 34"
    echo klicense=1193590B4DDE4F5B8E44F5F14877D0B6
    if [%CID%]==[] (
    scetool.exe -v --sce-type=SELF --compress-data=TRUE --skip-sections=FALSE --key-revision=01 --self-auth-id=1010000001000003 --self-add-shdrs=TRUE --self-vendor-id=01000002 --self-app-version=0001000000000000 --self-type=APP   --self-fw-version=0003004000000000 --encrypt EBOOT.elf EBOOT.BIN
    ) else (
    echo ContentID=%CID%
    scetool.exe -v --sce-type=SELF --compress-data=TRUE --skip-sections=FALSE --key-revision=01 --self-auth-id=1010000001000003 --self-add-shdrs=TRUE --self-vendor-id=01000002 --self-app-version=0001000000000000 --self-type=NPDRM --self-fw-version=0003004000000000 --np-license-type=FREE --np-content-id=%CID% --np-app-type=UEXEC --np-real-fname=EBOOT.BIN --encrypt EBOOT.elf EBOOT.BIN -l 1193590B4DDE4F5B8E44F5F14877D0B6
    del /Q EBOOT.elf > NUL
    According to CVG ( Sony has had this pre-order functionality in place for over a year now stating on 5/17/2012 the following: "Sony has added a new pre-loading function to the PlayStation Store that'll let you download games early that'll be unlocked on launch date."

            5120 [DATA] PS3LOGO.DAT
            1092 [DATA] PARAM.SFO
           18737 [DATA] ICON0.PNG
         2062797 [DATA] PIC1.PNG
          860856 [DATA] SND0.AT3
                [DIR ] USRDIR
                [DIR ] USRDIR/sfx
        14564720 [EBOOT] USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN
         3540992 [DATA] USRDIR/audio_rel.rpf
        12055792 [EDAT] USRDIR/common.edat
      2545516544 [DATA] USRDIR/part0.rpf
      2261395456 [DATA] USRDIR/part1.rpf
      1818650624 [DATA] USRDIR/part2.rpf
      1880973312 [DATA] USRDIR/part3.rpf
       379994112 [DATA] USRDIR/part4.rpf
      2439249920 [DATA] USRDIR/ps3.rpf
       579809280 [DATA] USRDIR/sfx/audio_cs.rpf
      3752271872 [DATA] USRDIR/sfx/audio_misc.rpf
      1269755904 [DATA] USRDIR/sfx/audio_music.rpf
      1500968960 [DATA] USRDIR/sfx/audio_radio.rpf
                [DIR ] TROPDIR
                [DIR ] TROPDIR/NPWR03885_00
         6931472 [DATA] TROPDIR/NPWR03885_00/TROPHY.TRP
    PSF � t
                 $ ‘   , 
      @   $ O   ( ^   0 i   4 v  € 8 | 
     � …   � APP_VER ATTRIBUTE BOOTABLE CATEGORY LICENSE NP_COMMUNICATION_ID PARENTAL_LEVEL PS3_SYSTEM_VER RESOLUTION SOUND_FORMAT TITLE TITLE_ID VERSION 01.00  HG Library programs ©Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Licensed for play on the PLAYSTATION®3 Computer Entertainment System or authorized PLAYSTATION®3 format systems. For full terms and conditions see the user's manual. This product is authorized and produced under license from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Use is subject to the copyright laws and the terms and conditions of the user's license. NPWR03885_00 04.3000 7  Grand Theft Auto V NPEB01283 01.02
    GTAV RIF Files:
    From an0nym0us: Just 1 small edat and rather large rpf files. For most of you save your excitement about those RPF files, there is a new format. Soooooo, unless you can code, you will be sitting on the sidelines for some time.

    From Three-Socks: Its been confirmed now that the RIF's that are generated when you download the game from PSN store are dummy files. This is the only protection you need really. Without the RIFS the ps3 can't decrypt the EBOOT.BIN and the edat files need to run the game.

    So I guess this means come release day you will have to download an activation file from the psn store (the real rifs) before the game can run. Well they haven't broken the trend it seems. Its once again just one edat RPF file (common.rpf) and the rest of the RPFs are without the DRM but encrypted by R* of course. RPF7 is what it says in the header.

    I can see the RPF's being decrypted pretty easily once the game is out. There are some people out there that will do anything to be the first to open up GTA to modding. What I hope for is that rockstar has a really good method for stopping modified online files from running. I would be fine if after a good couple of months someone has reversed the new script format and we could create our own scripts for singleplayer only but we couldn't touch online.

    • install pkg
    • launch MultiManager and input QA Flag code
    • launch GTA V
    • at Main Screen input Contra code
    • success - everything working

    From xxmcvapourxx: As we can't decrypt the eboot or get rap files, here is the klicense i got from gta5. The rest is up to you lot to finish off: A97E2BF3B70B2D13B67E0F755587784D

    However, another user obtained 8061009078630020F86100C8C0210070 via Aldostools PS3 Tools Bruteforce EBOOT 1.3, who states: This tool is more an EXPERIMENT than a real key finder... a 128bit key is expected to take milleniums to bruteforce it, but if you are extremely LUCKY you could find a rifkey using this method. Anyway, I'm sharing this because a friend asked me to make it to have some fun.

    From Aldostools: That 8061009078630020F86100C8C0210070 has been in the dev_klic.txt for few days... it was found and reported to the server by an anonymous source using my Bruteforce EDAT tool.... so obviously it is not the rifkey. It is more likely to be a dev_klic from some edat (maybe the Atomic Blimp DLC or who knows what).
    12345678123456781234567812345678 EP1004-NPEB01283_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL Grand Theft Auto V
    8061009078630020F86100C8C0210070 EP1004-NPEB01283_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL Grand Theft Auto V
    From a French site ( also come some additional download links below, as follows:

    Tutorial to make the file. RAP personal (roughly translated):

    Use soft rif2rap (RIF RAP convert your CID and other important for the game license is valid info). You will need to copy your files and IDPS act.dat your console in the folder Exdata.
    • Recover your act.dat in dev_hdd0/home/00000000X/exdata
    • Dumpez your nand with Multiman for the IDPS
    • Once you download the software and all the elements. Put the IDPS files act.dat and RIF files Exdata RIF2RAP the software and start to select the file you want. RAP
    • It will convert and beyond once the file. RAP creates for your PS3, you can activate GTA 5 via reactpsn and enjoy

    PS: Do not share your final RAP file as it will contain your CID and other elements of your PS3.. this is not a file. single RAP but a personal.

    For what are CFW maja, you did not need to use the fix or rip rap to activate the game. Photo for proof that this is the real game

    Content of ads and GTA V TV. May repeat or be incomplete:
    001 -
    002 -
    003 -
    004 -
    005 -
    006 -
    007 -
    008 -
    009 -
    010 -
    011 -
    012 -
    013 -
    014 -
    015 -
    016 -
    017 -
    018 -
    019 -
    020 -
    021 -
    022 -
    023 -
    024 -
    025 -
    026 -
    027 -
    028 -
    029 -
    030 -
    031 -
    032 -
    033 -
    034 -
    035 -
    036 -
    037 -
    038 -
    039 -
    040 -
    041 -
    042 -
    043 -
    044 -
    045 -
    046 -
    047 -
    048 -
    049 -
    050 -
    Finally, below are all the GTA V Cars, Weapons and Wanted Levels revealed in image spoilers:

    [imglink=|Video: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) PS3 Digital Edition Hits PSN][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) PS3 Digital Edition Hits PSN][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) PS3 Digital Edition Hits PSN][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Cromiell Guest

    Opening PS3 .rpf files help?

    Is it possible to extract files from .rpf without installing game on PS3? For example if you have .pkg on your PC and you have already extracted the files.

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    patto Guest
    you must have just found the GTAV pkg and extracted it.

    no there are no tools available yet since the game was just released and it uses a altered version of the rpf format than GTA IV did.

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    Zarr Guest
    mega ps3 quote is bs.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    This is very interesting, from what I heard the game is coded for 4.30 FW meaning it would have been made a while back.

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    lumon Guest
    i go to dev_hdd0/home/00000000X/exdata. In exdata, It empty... How to get act.dat file?

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    StanSmith Guest
    Damn, none of those links work.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Here it is from the PSN server.

    Edit: NVM It got deleted from the PSN server

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    StevenTj Guest

    Rockstar clarify: leaks about GTA V are all fake, release date is the same

    A lot of GTA V information has been leaked from yesterday till now with no comment from Rockstar, as every one on the internet knows that the game appeared to download on PSN by mistake and many people downloaded it and start posting files and screens on the internet, also i was surprised a couple minutes ago i discovered that the game has been uploaded to the torrent websites!!!

    Rockstar finally commented about it and clarified that every thing leaked is totally fake:

    “As we get closer and closer to game launch, there will be lots of people around the internet posting supposed leaked information about the game. Please do not proliferate such things here as we certainly don’t want any misinformation spread from things that are fake nor do we want spoilers spread regarding anything that might be true.”

    Also many people worried that the company might approached the release date because of the Pre-Load version, The company has also denied that:

    “Anyone engaging in such discussion here at the Rockstar Newswire before September 17th will have commenting privileges revoked until well after the game’s release. Thank you for understanding, Rockstar Games.”


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    oVERSoLDiER Guest

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