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Thread: Video: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) PS3 Digital Edition Hits PSN

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    VogrBurn Guest
    Sure, this kind of game requires many hours of play to test all features and finish the game... I'm sure that a smaller blog who received the test copy will upload it on the web for us

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    calinHD Guest
    8061009078630020F86100C8C0210070 obtained through brute-force by both aldos and another guy

    OK guys, i think we soon will be able to play the greatest game of the generation !!!

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    keytop Guest

    Cool How to share your gtav license or free lic eboot

    download this tool first, reactpsn v2.27 at:

    with its L2 backup function,your can share GTA5 RAP at first time ON 17SEP, we all can play it. or fix retail2free eboot edat use its triangle crack mode, we all can play it.

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    StanSmith Guest
    My bad, still its just MultiMan renamed. its got nothing to do with GTA V.

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    Antp1s7 Guest
    I have not figured out how to fix the error 800100009...

    Can anyone help me?

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    StanSmith Guest
    We all have to wait till after a DVD version is leaked or it gets released on PSN before its playable unless someone finds a way and so far nobody has.

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    Antp1s7 Guest
    Error 80010009 is not bypassable?

    Sorry I don't speak English very well

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    drphuz Guest
    I think leaking a way to play it early to the community is a BAD idea

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    OwMyBallzaks Guest
    Yeah I now am .... It's called Rayman: Legends lol

    Seriously people need to learn a little patience, you've already waited what 5 years for another installment of this rather bluntly overrated franchise.

    Another 7-10 days won't make a blind bit of difference.

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    wyldstallyn Guest
    Here's what I don't understand... lets say you had a valid eboot from the disc. How would that help?

    Or even better a valid eboot from the psn upload. Aren't all the files in the pkg still encrypted or is it just a matter or replacing the eboot and getting a valid klivense?

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