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Thread: Video: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) PS3 Digital Edition Hits PSN

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    OwMyBallzaks Guest
    even if you could bruteforce the eboot and get the correct klicense key or if you could magically find someone who had the correct .rip / .rap files it aint gonna matter speculation is that the eboot is infact a dummy too, just a couple lines of code to let it install the rest of the files.

    Once the release date finally comes round, the console would dial into the server to get the real activation .rif files, once done it would unencrypt the PKG EBOOT, see it is a dummy or incomplete then download a new eboot from the sony servers (so day one update 1.01 would need to be downloaded).

    It is more realistic for a media disc leak in about 10-14 days time, dont worry if you have the PKG installed you possibly wont have to download the game completely again, just unpack it from the PKG (hopefully you still have it saved on your computer) then FTP it onto your console in a certain directory layout. Grab the PARAM.SFO and EBOOT.BIN from the leaked media disc and FTP them over. Fingers crossed when you start it in your favorite backup manager, you'll be in GTA heaven.

    But please just wait for the media leak, trying to bruteforce what you have now is a long shot to get it unlocked and if you were you'd probably find you cant use it.

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    VogrBurn Guest
    IMHO the disc version will come out very soon...

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    drphuz Guest

    Cool Its coming soon

    It's coming soon guys, they can't stop us. We will play before the release, dont worry

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    juaxs Guest
    Why 2 pictures of +18?

    Thats fake.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    German USK + Pegi Sign ! Not a reason for fake.

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    vale87 Guest
    2 ratings dont mean its fake. while i am not sure if its fake or not its plausible that its real. left 18 warning is from pegi rating for european other one is usk germany. i have seen many discs that have both.

    so it doesnt proves that its fake and also it comes in a cd case, that is how they send the games to reviewers usually (i used to review gamesi) but one thing is i thought rockstar would send bland covered review copies or debug ones for debug machines. its interesting to see a retail disc.

    also i am curious about one thing, could debug fws help people play the the preorder pkg?

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    juaxs Guest
    You're right, sorry, but, Why that guy doesn't upload the backup? lol

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    SayHi Guest
    That picture was leaked a week ago I doubt it's his picture. Also it was posted with 3 other pictures and from those pictures you could tell it was taken in a factory which does image printing so odds are its just a blank disk with the GTA V image on it.

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    kalaner Guest


    This picture is the most interesting one if you ask me...

    Could this be possible???

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    SayHi Guest
    Picture is fake.

    1. The controller isn't even on.
    2. Real picture is from a trailer and has been proven fake numerous times.

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