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  1. #41
    Brenza Guest
    grab scetool subfolder from the last ps3tools release, that should be ok (i can't try right now)

  2. #42
    StanSmith Guest
    THX for that, some files are now able to be decrypted so half way there.

  3. #43
    BlurZz Guest
    Ok so let's get this straight...

    People who didn't buy the game cant play it just by converting rif to rap?

  4. #44
    StanSmith Guest
    nope as there is no good RIFs yet. they are dummies

  5. #45
    VogrBurn Guest
    There is a good method to fix the .pkg?

  6. #46
    lusal Guest
    There is no method to activate the package at this time.

  7. #47
    StanSmith Guest
    fix what? It installs fine.

  8. #48
    Mesutg Guest
    he has a bad english!!

    it should be : is there a good method to fix the .pkg?

  9. #49
    kalberto Guest
    i don't see the real video playing GTA V... dummy rif raf can not play this game.

  10. #50
    Mesutg Guest
    found this, haven't tryid it yet!

    QQ1 peut essayer


    1) get pkg
    2) Extract pkg w/pkgView
    3) open Param
    4) change GU to GD
    5) Open EBOOT, delete DIGITAL DOWNLOAD HEADER (i think he means in HEX + decrypted)
    6) save
    7) create GameID BLES01807
    8) put all contents in folder and boot in multiMAN, BDemu + Ext

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