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  1. #31
    aldostools Guest
    To make it playable you need the RAP or the .rif + act.dat + idps. Without the RAP or .rif + act.dat + idps is difficult to make it playable.

  2. #32
    kristijan1001 Guest
    The thing is that Habbib said it could be bypassed on his not released CFW and MJ.

  3. #33
    pedro800 Guest
    Jumper : So you have download the GTA V PSN right ? So you have the rif file of GTA V PSN on your PS3 right ?

    And the point is, can you upload :
    *your 'rif file of GTA V'
    *your 'act.dat'
    *your 'idps'

    There files are needed to make rap file of GTA V PSN.

  4. #34
    StanSmith Guest
    My problem is I cant covert the RIF to RAPs. I have my IDPS and my ACT.DAT but everytime I run RIF2RAP it errors and fails to convert it.
    Any homebrew that does it or another way as the Windows file doesn't work.

  5. #35
    veritassdg Guest
    unless you bought the game your idps and act.dat will do nothing also the rifs are placeholders.

  6. #36
    Bulldozer Guest
    How is the state atm? Habib needs the files, or did he have it already? If not i will buy this game through psn, or isnt it buyable anymore?

  7. #37
    veritassdg Guest
    also if someone managed to decrypt the eboot.bin to a eboot.elf id enjoy a link to it.

  8. #38
    OwMyBallzaks Guest
    Last time i spoke to HABIB, he had said files from jumper but they didn't work. I think because jumper brought it, downloaded it but it wouldn't install it couldn't update one of the files needed with the correct data, since then Fony has pulled the preload feature, so I doubt even if jumper downloaded the PKG again and installed, it still wouldn't add the correct data the files. (if that makes sense, think what is needed is actually on Sonys server end) .

    Last time I saw HABIB he had teamed up with Team-SGK (or SHT or whomever they are) and were going to collectively use forceboot on the EBOOT.BIN, but as you may know with the EBOOTs 256-bit encryption, it would still take a number of years to correctly find the right Klicense to decypt the EBOOT. So realistically the best outcome is waiting for the media disc title to be released or leaked.

  9. #39
    StanSmith Guest
    Can someone tell me how to get around the npdrm errors when decrypting eboots?

    I thought I had the latest keys but even older npdrm eboots fail to decrypt but I've seen the same eboots decrypted on the net so its able to be done just I cant find out how?

    Is there new 4.20+ keys that I dont know about or is there new npdrm keys I missed? I know I'm missing something but dont know what?

  10. #40
    Undertaker0885 Guest

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