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Thread: Video: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) PS3 Digital Edition Hits PSN

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    candyapple Guest
    I purchased the digital and hard copy of the game. Great game!

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    Calimero Oeuf Guest
    GTA5 Emblem Creator (Trial Removed)

    Trial removed doesn't work for me, TRIAL always appears in the emblem

    Any solution ?

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    RFISH3R Guest
    same here m8

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    Knoedel Guest
    same for me

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    moomier02semilo Guest
    I guess it got added back. Sucks

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    willy134uk Guest
    any tried to install the patch to play online? keeps turning me ps3 off guess it can detect its not a legit game

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    emblemcreator Guest
    Emblem Creator update

    Download: (4.9 MB)
    • Trial removed
    • Error messages fixed until Rockstar changes their edit pages again

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    luizfabriciodss Guest

    gta v mods

    very good post

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    Mohamed5910 Guest
    Thanks i hope its works

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    sunset0202 Guest
    thanks, that's great

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