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  1. #321
    naderkamal Guest
    Hi guys, my PS3 is SuperSlim & not jailbreaked. Can I download this link (http://zeus.dl.playstation.net/cdn/E...bpaxmnUeUT.pkg) direct on my PS3?

  2. #322
    dyceast Guest
    There is no point... You wont be able to activate it

  3. #323
    naderkamal Guest
    That's meaning there is now way to download the activation or download other activated version?

  4. #324
    dyceast Guest
    Lets just say, there is absolutely no way you will be able to play it on OFW without purchasing it, or modded device..

  5. #325
    lookthatnoob Guest
    is that file the real game or did i just retardly understood it wrong? and if it is anyone tested on rebug 4.30?

  6. #326
    dyceast Guest
    Judging by the size, it looks like the PSN direct link for it, yes...

    You most likely need a patch to run it on CFW though...

  7. #327
    abdumka Guest
    you should download it and test it

  8. #328
    ratumiss Guest
    awesome.. dancing everywhere

  9. #329
    JAYRIDER666 Guest
    I can not sync the trophies for gta5 i got a error do anyone the same problem i am on rogero 4.30 v 2.5

  10. #330
    marvinx Guest
    I've had no luck either

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