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  1. #21
    kristijan1001 Guest
    So wait Aldo is there a solution or not?

  2. #22
    calinHD Guest
    Yup, that is what i want to know too. So Aldo, i see you are online, can you give us a confirmation the game work, and eventually a tut on how to make it work, please? Come on, answer quickly, aint got all night

  3. #23
    drphuz Guest
    Not working *yet*

  4. #24
    calinHD Guest
    Well, still waiting.

  5. #25
    drphuz Guest
    On the brighter side of the world, Madden 25 just hit the net

  6. #26
    jumper2009 Guest
    Hey Aldos, I am the one who shared the PSN link from GTA V. I bought the game. But it would be interesting to hear for me if its possible to make the game playable? Or is there something missing?

  7. #27
    Cromiell Guest
    Hello... I posted TV ads extracted from .rpf file around 2 hours ago. I need somebody who has got GTA V installed on pirated console to browse whether after the installation files structure is somewhat changed. I mean, check if part01, 02, 03, 04.rpf are extracted into more seperated .rpf files.

    You can check that by FTP connection or in console browsing itself. Write here or PM me. It would be much appreciated. Why do I need it? Because I can get more content if it's true.

  8. #28
    kristijan1001 Guest
    Jumper you said that you only need to redownload the game and install it to fix The act.dat so Habbib can fix it ?

  9. #29
    Sejuice Guest
    troll of the year award goes to rockstar

  10. #30
    jumper2009 Guest
    nothing, even aldos confirmed my theory. That it wasn't even necessary to install the game lol I installed the game with another way (couldnt fix the 14% error) and it still says that i bought it So yeah habib was wrong.

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