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  1. #271
    Starchild2k Guest
    Just to let everyone know the psn conversion works likes a charm if you follow the instructions I did, also this game plays from app_home which is great news for dex users. I tested this with Dex Game Mounter and it loaded perfectly!

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    Daveyshamble501 Guest
    The safelink for opoisso's GTA V fix is in the wrong format

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    StevenTj Guest

  4. #274
    akimazaki Guest
    invalid password.. why?

  5. #275
    StevenTj Guest
    FAITH GENESIS RAVEN that one valid.

    FAITHGENESISRAVEN is for the old one.

  6. #276
    msam17 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Daveyshamble501 View Post
    The safelink for opoisso's GTA V fix is in the wrong format
    it is .7z extension. open with winrar no issues.

  7. #277
    ppr2012 Guest
    whats downloadable size for GTA V and how much is its size on ps3 after install (have got less space left) and will it work on rebug 4.21 with mm patch.. any answers... thanks....

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    RosaGardiner Guest
    Have been waiting so long for this. need some updates and then i'll be on my way to try it out!

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    ninjabreadman Guest
    Is this the first Intro for a PS3 release? are there any others or demo releases?

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    nickygringo Guest

    Active GT5 DLC without internet?

    Well I have gran turismo 5 and all the dlc but to activate the dlc I need to update to ofw and connect to psn. Is there a way where I can activate the dlc, but without using an internet connection? I have reactpsn but I don't know how to use it, and I couldn't find anything on the web about activating gt5 dlc. Thanks for the help guys, sorry if there is a guide but I couldn't find it.

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