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Thread: Video: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) PS3 Digital Edition Hits PSN

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    hat3ck Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hat3ck View Post
    its not possible because PS3_DISC.SFB and LIC.DAT are not in that files uploaded
    Can anybody upload these two files for me ?

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    You only need PS3_DISC.SFB. PW : PS3NEWS.COM

    And put the files in these structure.

    BLES01807-[Grand Theft Auto V]
    │   PS3_DISC.SFB
        │   ICON0.PNG
        │   PARAM.SFO
        │   PIC1.PNG
        │   PS3LOGO.DAT
        │   SND0.AT3
        │   └───NPWR03885_00
        │           TROPHY.TRP
            │   audio_rel.rpf
            │   common.rpf
            │   EBOOT.BIN
            │   part0.rpf
            │   part1.rpf
            │   part2.rpf
            │   part3.rpf
            │   part4.rpf
            │   ps3.rpf

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    hat3ck Guest
    i think it only will work on internal hdd

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    Not sure if it's Off-Topic or not but..

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Hehe, nice. I guess my copy is kinda smaller and a little bit lighter than yours.

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    hitek2001 Guest
    Grabbing rars from newgroup now. So GTA V needs to be run from the internal drive?

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    pablofigueiroa Guest
    fix for 3.55 is out now!

    BLES01807_Retail-Fix_341-355_by_opoisso893.7z (Password:

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    The5Venomz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hitek2001 View Post
    Grabbing rars from newgroup now. So GTA V needs to be run from the internal drive?
    No I can confirm that Duplex's version in newsgroups works fine from External... In multiman in game settings change to external and bd mirror.

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    hilongo Guest
    Confirmed ... game works on internal and external and flawless on 3.55 with the fix.

    If any of you had any doubt up to this point

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    comfaithgenesis Guest

    PES 2014 Edit File Mod v0.2 By FGR [SAVE BLUS31322] - Premier League Edits

    Since PES 2014 got leaked today and once I got it I decided to change some stuff. And I'll be changing more bit by bit. First main target is to edit the premier league after that I'll see. For BLUS31322 / Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2014.PS3-DUPLEX

    Extract the folders to (USB: PS3/SAVEDATA)
    Then copy the saves over on ps3

    Download Link: PES 2014 EDIT FGR V0-2.rar


    Changes 0.2:
    • Premier League Logo
    • Premier League Team Names
    • Arsenal Home Shirt (few arsenal transfers ozil, flamini in and a few exits)
    • Premier League Emblems (All teams except man utd since the logo is official)

    Remember to thank me please!

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