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    also being upped on usenet so will be available on nzb soon

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    here you go game fix psn version:

    place the eboot.bin and common.rpf in the usrdir. place the param.sfo in the npeaxxxxx folder. now create a new folder called PS3_GAME and place all the folders present in the NPEA directory. So finally you must have the structure: NPEAxxxx>PS3_GAME>all the contents. Working flawlessly here.

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    working!!! thank you. here is a quick guide if necessary

    1- Extract GTAV PSN PKG with pkgview 1.3, you'll get a folder called NPEUXXXX something like that with all the files in it. it will take a while to extract like 20 minute
    2- Rename the folder you got to 'PS3_GAME' without quotations.
    3- Go inside USRDIR folder, replace common.edat with common.rpf from the retail version inside this package you linked.
    4- repeat step 3 for eboot.bin too. use ORIG eboot the other one has intro form hackers.
    5- No go up one level from USRDIR, inside PS3_GAME, replace PARAM.SFO too
    6- No place ps3_disc.sfb from some other game doesn't matter which, next to PS3_GAME folder.
    7- Now make a folder called GTA5 or whatever you like. Move PS3_GAME folder and the other file inside tis folder
    8- move this folder to your ps3 or external HDD (there are no >4GB files)
    9- Mount from multiman and play!

    The game has mandatory install of 7GB and requires fw4.46 but works on rebug 4.30 with mutliman auto patching, playing from internal.

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    It's already up, getting now nzb from Ginga.

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    Link down already lol... I'm downloading from Usenet, but I wouldn't mind getting the PSN one working just for giggles.

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    Thank you sir, this post got the game installing for me. It's done. I'm now one button press away.

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    Yeah, I'm really impressed about that fast abused.


    Grand Theft Auto V (c) Rockstar Games

    Date : 09-2013 Languages: English
    Platform : PS3 Genre : Action

    CFW 4.46

    500 MB Parts

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    Thanks for the effort, but I'm talking about the fix files in the putlocker link... I feel sorry for anyone downloading from those uploaded links... lol

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    Can you put the link up again, please?

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    Putlocker link down. Please reupload.

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