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Thread: Video: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) PS3 Digital Edition Hits PSN

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    mind500 Guest
    $ scetool -r -v --np-klicensee=1193590B4DDE4F5B8E44F5F14877D0B6 -i EBOOT.BIN[*] Loaded keysets.[*] Loaded loader curves.[*] Loaded vsh curves.[*] Using keyset [appldr 0x001C 04.46][*] Klicensee: 11 93 59 0B 4D DE 4F 5B 8E 44 F5 F1 48 77 D0 B6[*] Warning: Could not decrypt header.
    1193590B4DDE4F5B8E44F5F14877D0B6 - wrong klicensee into eboot fix bat file

    We cannot start the game/ this is not working method.

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    StanSmith Guest
    Since when has a direct link to $ony ever been a fake?

    Rockstar are really trying to stop people getting it and they are the ones lying here. THEY are the fakes as we all know $ony wont have a fake link in PSN.

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    mmanolos Guest
    I hope that nobody can decrypt this. Anyway there are only 3 weeks to play this, go to play Saints Row 4 or something meanwhile. I prefer that before piss Rockstar.

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    2424marco Guest
    This is the real klicensee that I have found. Try this on Trueancestor Edat Rebuilder v1.42 and see that this works while the other does not work

    This is a picture.

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    veritassdg Guest
    highly doubt a KLIC would be 123456781234567812345678

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    VogrBurn Guest
    If you want here is the EUR original file:!lkQmFKiY!Ip8wEn...DMf1j78_Bz6-nM

    Sorry for double post, but I didn't understand if the game can be started on my PS3...

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    I'll wait for disc version.

    Have some nice this week releases, as SC: Blacklist and Saint's Row 4 to play, GTA5 can wait

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    OopanpanoO Guest

    1) get pkg
    2) Extract pkg w/pkgView
    3) open Param
    4) change GU to GD
    6) save
    7) create GameID BLES01807
    8) put all contents in folder and boot in multiMAN, BDemu + Ext

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    aldostools Guest
    Some clarifications:

    veritassdg: the key 12345678123456781234567812345678 is a dev_klic used in GTA IV and in GTA V. It must be used with the RAP (that contains the rifkey) to decrypt the edat.

    The A97E2BF3B70B2D13B67E0F755587784D is the klicensee used to encrypt the PKG. It has no relation with the rifkey (klicensee used to decrypt the EBOOT). The PKG Klicensee is found encrypted in the header of the PKG.

    The content SHA-1 is only used to validate the integrity of the PKG. That value is found in the last 32 bytes of the PKG.

    Regarding "Do not share your final RAP file as it will contain your CID". The CID or Content ID is not personal info, it is the ID of the download in PSN. Unlike the RIFs, the RAPs do not contain personal information. It basically an encrypted rifkey.

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    kasper81 Guest
    I don't need to have this game right away so I will wait a bit to see if someone can make this work with a jailbreak. Good stuff!

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