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    Senior Member StanSmith's Avatar
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    I was going to pre order it the other day but thought it'll be faster if I just go into the shop on the day it gets released and buy it off the shelf as there are no pre-order specials if it.

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    ima get mine from us psn account. you can dl it around 6 or 7 pm (aussie time) on the day of us release.

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    By the way, to those saying we are talking about gta 4, you are Off topic, this post is about GTA 5 and the leak from PSN, thats why i said we will soon see a disc-ripped leaked version or a leak of 2-3 certain files that will allow us to convert the psn version.

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    GTA 5 Map leaked

    A map of Grand Theft Auto 5's Los Santos has been leaked online

    Source: ign.com/articles/2013/09/11/leaked-gta-5-map-shows-off-the-insane-size-of-los-santos
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    Los-Santos.jpg   1378822017-9999954.jpg   USaFo0Q-768x1024.jpg  

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    GTA5 Emblem Creator for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) on PS3 Arrives

    Following up on the previous Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) PS3 Digital Edition PSN leak, today I have made available a GTA5 Emblem Creator with details below followed by a few bug fixes.

    Download: GTA5 Emblem Creator / GTA5 Emblem Creator (Fix) / GTA5 Emblem Creator (Trial Removed) / Emblem Creator Update

    It allows users to create emblems from images for Rockstar Social Club. These emblems can be activated for your crew and used in game.

    Note: Requires .NET Framework 4


    GTA5 Emblem Creator for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) on PS3 Arrives

    More PlayStation 3 News...
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    Attached Files Attached Files

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    I got it installed twice on my CFW PS3 waiting for that magic eboot. (2 versions, PSN and converted to disc versions)

    I'll also get it from the shop the day of release as its coming out on the same day worldwide. Just saves me all that time downloading it like I did weeks ago.

    I'm guessing I'll patch the eboot myself so no need to wait for a patched version to come out unless it comes out prior to shop release which is what I'm hoping for, thats why I will have it installed.

    If Not I'll just delete these two and install the disc version when I get it.

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    I am ready for a lot of action.

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    vivement qu'il sorte

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    I'm really surprised there isn't a leaked eboot or a fix by now. I'm guessing they are waiting for the disc version to get released then leak that and it looks like its pretty tight and not getting leaked prior to store release.

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    Yeah, really baffling me too. I don't think we'll see a release prior to Friday, or even Saturday.


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