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Thread: Video: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) PS3 Digital Edition Hits PSN

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    StanSmith Guest
    I just copied the file structure from another game and edited a few files to make it a dvd game instead of PSN version.

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    dejo4 Guest
    Which files i have to copy from another game and if you can please tell me the edited files

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    hijam Guest
    I think we need to decrypt the big files ~2go to make it retail.

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    StanSmith Guest
    I doubt it. Most games are identical between PSN and disc version, just the format and eboots are changed.

    I'm guessing none of these answers will be confirmed till after its officially released or a disc version is leaked.

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    hijam Guest
    Yes, I have just looked the others gta and they don't "match" that's why i think that. We just have to wait..

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    JeoWay Guest
    The eboot.bin is secured with a whole different security measure unlike an eboot of GTA IV from your friends account for say.

    Same with every other files such as rap and a small measure in the PARAM.

    A bit of security is added into the visuals details.

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    xxshizoxx Guest

    Lightbulb n0pEdrm Convert Paid PSN free license:

    hey people I've found this tutorial from zecoxao maybe it can help us

    n0pEdrm Convert Paid PSN free license:

    Tools you'll need:

    ps3tools by aldostools. (


    1. edat tool gui
    2. scetool (gui)

    and psnstuff by loozers (


    1. Fetch your favorite psn game and correspondent rap from psnstuff
    2. extract the pkg and get the edat (s) and the EBOOT.BIN from it (if there is one)
    3. using edat tool gui decrypt the edat (s) with the respectivement rap and reencrypt it (them) with devklic-npdrm1 (free KLIC)
    4. scetool using gui, and with the rap Properly Placed in rape folder, decrypt the eboot of the game.
    5. reencrypt it with this command (for cfw 4.xx):
    scetool.exe-v-sce-type = SELF-compress data = TRUE-skip sections = TRUE-key revision = 10-self-auth-id = 1010000001000003-self add-shdrs = TRUE self-vendor id = 01000002 type = NPDRM-self-self-app-version = 0001000000000000-self-fw-version = 0003006000000000-np-license-type = FREE-np-content-id = YOURCID-np-app-type = EXEC - np-real-fname = EBOOT.BIN EBOOT.BIN-encrypt EBOOT.ELF
    YOURCID Where is the game's content id.

    6. pkg ONLY install the game and test if it gives you an error when you try to run it of activation
    7. replace the eboot and the edat (s) with the ones on the game.
    8. run the game again. It Should now work without problems.

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    StanSmith Guest
    You've left out the part where you need the RAP file and as we don't have it this is useless.

    And the fast way to convert to free is to run ReActPSN and press triangle as that does it all instead of all this manual crap.

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    StevenTj Guest

    GTA V Retail Version Leaked

    What you guys think ?

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    kinezu Guest
    Where did you get that print screen?

    Edit: It's from

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