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  1. #121
    deathriders Guest
    he get the pkg on pc and rebuild it is simply, he give me the pkg and rap i patch to dex the pkg if you want.

  2. #122
    timarc007 Guest
    same problem with a DEX you need REAL RAP files to decrypt EBOOT and EDAT, after that, you can do a DEX Eboot and EDAT

  3. #123
    Roxanne Guest
    This is what I mean: https://mega.co.nz/#!lMMlDQAZ!ajkgoU...0lttKOyjYiI5-k

    It says that I have to renew my license in the Playstation Store. So I install a CFW for my DEX with 4.46 spoof. After that I set the Enviroment to np and every settings to Retail Mode including Boot Mode and do the same. Now I get this:


    So what do you think?

  4. #124
    naha09 Guest
    I also have the renew license

  5. #125
    deathriders Guest
    when you paid , the ps3 activating the game , after that is downloading or not get error for pkg , to get the rap file and the pkg you have to use the tuto i says you early in my post , for getting the pkg you go to you download list after you say buy it is here the pkg with ps3 proxy you get the link on pc when you try to download it , for the rap install react 2.27 with key usb and start it with push L2 is getting all rap in you ps3 to usb key.

  6. #126
    hijam Guest
    Like Roxanne I have also the renew license message with the original files on Rebug 4.30.2 CEX (i'v been a lot of times in dex mode but i have not tested). On Mirala Tijera's special cfw with bypass files, The game is automatically activateb, but like everyone I got the 8001009 error (wich can but fixed changing a value in eboot, but we can't decrypt it !)

    Then when I use the "dummy" rap file (aldos says it's maybe a new dev_klic for some new edats), I got the 8001017 error that i think it can be fixed playing with the eboot..

    In all of these "scenarios" when NEED to decrypt the eboot BUT when we don't have rifkey (klicensee) at all! Well, IF we get the rifkey, do you really think the game will launch so easily ? Just look the file structure, i'ts a lot encrypted and don't match other gta's titles..

    We will need to wait the 17th september to play the psn version of the game.. Otherwise, we will surely get a retail disc version some days before release. It doesn't bother me to wait a few days more, and there's a lot of new games to play before this one

    Go play instead of wasting your time trying to decrypt an eboot that will be in some days

    ps: Sorry if i have made some mistakes in english

  7. #127
    dejo4 Guest
    How did he make gta v boot from MM in video?? Somebody knows?

  8. #128
    Jashun Guest
    If anyone needs a tester for the game.... Feel free to contact me.
    • GTA V is installed
    • PS3 Slim 180GB DEX The Unknowns 4.41 DEX CFW
    • Have a Mic

  9. #129
    StanSmith Guest
    I can also make it boot up from MM but it gives that error so it doesn't work as it needs to be decrypted first.

    I think we all have it installed by now and all are waiting for a way to play it.

  10. #130
    dejo4 Guest
    Can you tell me how did you do it??

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