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Thread: Video: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) PS3 Digital Edition Hits PSN

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    Roxanne Guest
    Ok I also saw it is only 100 kb. Problem is I don't understand nothing how to use reactpsn etc.

    Next Thing is I should pay at first 69,99 € ^^

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    OwMyBallzaks Guest
    Roxanne, save your money I seriously doubt the 100kb file has anything to do with activating the game for you. I should imagine its just another temporary placeholder, Sony isn't really that thick with their games security, they would have read the news, read and figured out what people are trying to do while laughing as all these threads pop up.

    The are thick however when it comes to "accidently" activating the preload function of their system, first it was GTAV and then they do the same with the PES 2014 demo.

    Just wait for a bit longer i'd say 12 days or so (and remember you have already been waiting 5 YEARS for this game to exist) and there will be some answer to the PKG version of GTAV. Either its going to be patched with a "leaked" retail release or you just going to have to wait till the 17th.

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    Antp1s7 Guest
    I would like to know what error do you get?

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    Roxanne Guest
    No error, as I said when I start the game I have to renew my license from PlayStation Store which in my opinion means if I pay 69,99 €, it should be download the 100 kb file with probably correct RIP, RAF or whatever.

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    Antp1s7 Guest
    How did you manage to avoid the error 80010009?

    What CFW do you use?

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    Roxanne Guest
    Dex ofw 4.41

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    Antp1s7 Guest
    What did you do after downloading the game?

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    Roxanne Guest
    Common read my posts carefully. As I said I installed only the pkg.

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    deathriders Guest
    i say you how to do for getting rap and pkg , react psn you install after you install the pkg start and let l2 push with usb to your console he give you backup of all rap you have on you ps3 , for the link of rap use a proxy for ps3 like ps3 proxy when you start download he give you the link of pkg on you pc.

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    The5Venomz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Roxanne View Post
    Dex ofw 4.41
    How did you install the PKG on OFW? I thought you could only install PKG files on CFW?

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