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  1. #101
    StanSmith Guest
    You would turn the PSN download into a disc version and run it through a game loader like MultiMan.

    No need for RAPs or anything like that as a disc doesn't need them.

  2. #102
    DawnDead2013 Guest
    So let me get this right... we only need a 15mb file from retail disc version then convert PSN to BR game and it will work? just like that?

  3. #103
    wyldstallyn Guest
    How do you convert psn to disc version... never heard of that before. Thanks for the reply stansmith

  4. #104
    OwMyBallzaks Guest
    DawnDead.... well no, instead of asking for a EBOOT.BIN straight out of the box, what you'd need to see first is the file/folder structure of the retail version and compare both versions. If they are a 1:1 mirror of each other then yes you'd unpack the PKG changing the TitleID folder from NPES (or whatever it is) to BLES/BLUS.

    Copy the retail EBOOT and PARAM.SFO into the USRDIR replacing the NPDRM versions. In therory you could then just open Multiman -> Disc in Drive -> Bam your away

    Or another way would be to convert the retail EBOOT into a NPDRM (PSN version), changing the TitleID contained within from BLES/BLUS to NPES. Possibly change the entries for dev_bdvd to dev_hdd0 if its not done automatically (think it is - not sure) then copy that EBOOT.BIN into the USRDIR of the PKG, repack, resign... install, XMB Game icon - Bam your on your way again.

    HOWEVER if the file/folder structure is different or there are files contained in one that isn't in the other that makes it a bit harder and would be better if you just download the whole of the retail version. Hope that makes sense.

  5. #105
    eminem0081 Guest
    Well firstly what we'd need is the directory/file structure to compare with the PSN Preload release version to see what is the same, what is different and what files if any have to be added or removed.

    Just say for arguements sake that the files are a 1:1 mirror image of themselves there would be 2 ways of doing it I believe if I am following this right.

    First way is to unpack the PKG version, modify the folder structure so it matches the disc version. Then just copy over the EBOOT.BIN & PARAM.SFO ... Multiman, Disc in Drive. BAM its done.

    Second way would to copy over the EBOOT.BIN from the media leak, modify the TitleID to match the one on the PKG file, change dev_bdvd to dev_hdd0 resign the EBOOT as NPDRM. XMB -> Icon -> BAM done.

  6. #106
    OwMyBallzaks Guest
    Just to clarify something, if (and thats a big IF) both versions are identical then in theory as the files are the same and have the same sizes. Then when you unpack the PKG you'd just change the TitleID folder (thats the first one that says BLES/BLUS) you could leave the rest of the folders alone and just copy over the PARAM.SFO and EBOOT.BIN to the USRDIR directory, run it through multiman with disc in drive and in theory it would work.

    BUT I have a sneaky feeling they are going to be different, mainly because the PKG version contains a couple of edats ...I don't think I have ever seen one of these on a retail title. You may find they aren't needed and are just the temporary placement files that when the official release date comes these will be replaced by something else.... (from mandatory day one game update).

    I wouldn't delete the PKG as of yet but if this the case of the psn/retail version do differ unless you know whats what in modifying the game you may be better off downloading the retail release entirely. Or just wait again and I am sure some bright spark with release a PSN Patch/Fix that would unlock the EBOOT so you could play.

    Failing all else then you'd have to wait till the 17th when the game becomes active and i'm sure the need .rap files and any other file needed to play would make its way onto the interwebs.

    Don't quote me on any of this tho, I don't know the ins and outs of leaks, pkgs or patches, I am just taking an educated guess at the end of the day.

  7. #107
    NigredoZ Guest
    i wonder when someone will crack the file. i know someone will before the release.

  8. #108
    StanSmith Guest
    Go have a look at previous GTA games (GTA IV and its extras) as they have the same file system on disc and its also got the edats.
    GTAV looks the same but with more encryption. Before it was common.rpf and now its common.edat. Both versions still have ps3.rpf so they are very similar.

    Lots of games have edats its not just a PSN thing. Its an encryption thing.

  9. #109
    Roxanne Guest

    I have a question and maybe an idea. I install the .PKG to my DEX unit. Now when I want to start the game, the PS3 says that I have to renew the license in the PlayStationStore. So I log in to the Store with NP Enviroment and I can pre-order the game. So what would happened if I do this so? Maybe I can get a correct RIF or RAP file?


  10. #110
    deathriders Guest
    i view on psn is 100ko key i supose is it a key to unlock so , if you try to get the game say us , after install react 2.27 on you dex and get back the activation pkg and rap for activating the game with that, if not work is possible with software to unlock the eboot to play it, just give us the pkg and you rap file and i trie to unlock if you want roxanne.

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