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Thread: Video: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) PS3 Digital Edition Hits PSN

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    OwMyBallzaks Guest
    Ant1s7 that error code is usually inragrds to the EBOOT not being able to run correctly, either means your EBOOT is corrupt or as in this case it is still encrypted.

    There is no known bypass for this, with out the correct .rif files we can not make a .rap file that would be able to unencypt the data inside making the game playable. Your going to have to wait until a proper disc version is leaked and possibly take the EBOOT from it and convert it to NPDRM.

    Or you'd have to wait till the 17th and hope that someone who has brought and activated it, uploads their files.

    drphuz, I think so too then again I think it was a bad idea for the preload to have been done this early (I would have waited till 2 weeks before launch date).

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    Antp1s7 Guest
    Error 80010009 (from Miralatijeras CFW with the RIF license bypass instead of the renew license error) is easily fixed with Aldostools' bruteforce app how?

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    technodon Guest
    nobody has the real rif files with the unlock key because sony hasn't released them yet. they will release them on the 17th of September.

    so unless anyone gets very lucky and brute forces the eboot this version won't be playable until the 17th

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    StanSmith Guest
    The pics on the first post show someone at the printing factory and someone playing the game. So they have the game so why dont they share the eboot from the disc.

    I'm guessing those pics are fakes so we would see an eboot.

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    OwMyBallzaks Guest
    StanSmith... Right, since the preload leak had been unveiled its been a trolls paradise all over the interwebs, 99% of all the info your hearing about found klicenses (apart from the dev_klic for the DLC confirmed by Alto?) & methods to get working are 100% fake. The majority of all the pictures found and videos are also faked too. The gameplay pic on the front page has been photoshopped, the actual pic is a screenie from an official GTAV video I believe that has been docked with the weapons hub. The only pic I do lean to being real are the printing factory ones.

    The reason why we don't have an EBOOT yet is mainly down to job security and access. In the printing factory there is no guarentee really if the discs getting labeled actually had anything on them. Just say you worked there a "borrowed" one, if caught not only you'd lose your job but also could face criminal charges would it be worth it for a "chance" the disc had something on it? The same goes for the game reviewers, I doubt anyone who gets paid alot of $$$ to play games early and give their honest opinions would risk it all for a quick release.

    Everyone just needs to bide their time with this one, there are other games out there you can play to fill the void until it is released, be it slightly early via a unknown "leak" / "source" of if we all have to wait till the official release date before you can get your hands on the files you want most.

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    StanSmith Guest
    Thats what I thought. I've seen so many posts all over the net and none are real. Anyone can post a pic of it saying its real and I can even post a video saying its real all because a video of it has been shown and anyone can make a video if they know how to make it look real. The screenshot is obviously fake as the controller is off. morons, if they wanted it to look real at least turn the controller on. LOL

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    tulla2010 Guest
    just go play something else till gta comes out, problem solved

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    StanSmith Guest
    I finished everything else. GTAV is the next in line for me.

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    totti1914 Guest
    so if I use Bruteforce EBOOT and got super lucky and got the key. is it useful or just a waste of time???

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    wyldstallyn Guest
    Let's say you have a valid eboot... not the one from the psn download... what then would need to be done? Wouldn't valid rap still be needed? If so how would one be made from the eboot?

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