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    ps3 usb links after e3 nor editing -

    e3 back up checks links-

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    I will try to cech300 and super slim

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    i have an e3 and will sacrifice one to to try this on if anybody else does this and has success please repport back and let us all know! thanks again for this find

    Just wanted to say the rapidshare seems to be working again but thanks for the extra links! If anybody has success let us all know ..this was a great find!!

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    if you have a super slim and a e3 do a backup first and send me a copy of your backup from the super slim if you get it installed. do not downgrade it yet unless you know it came on a firmware on or lower than 4.30. your 3000 model should have no trouble

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    yes for cech300x no problem.. it worsk.. for super slim i will try that. i will check min firmware factory out..

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    do tis work for cech-200x ofw 4.31 , no nid open console to downgrade~

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    You have to open console to downgrade.

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    does this solution works on CECH-3004B datecode 2A ?

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    All cech300x will work.. i just get my work fine.. make sure have good backup

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    I have now promoted the article to the main page and +Rep to alchybear for sharing!

    I was able to grab the latter two (194.60 MB and 5.56 MB) required files, however, if someone can mirror the 4.31 to 4.30 e3flasher.7z (235.40 MB) one I will update the article with it as I didn't get it before the link showed "File owner's public traffic exhausted. (da3c7b74)" unfortunately.

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