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Thread: Video: E3 PS3 CFW v4.30 on PlayStation 3 Factory 3.56 with Flasher

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    technodon Guest
    well the console stays on with patches 3,4,5 & 6 they are the revoke patches, so hopefully it will be enough to install rebug. as soon as i mod a main coreOS ros area the console just panics and turns off

    i'm not sure how to cause everytime i tried to load a older coreOS it would just panic and turn off.

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    firebuddie Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by xxdylanxx45 View Post
    3006B scarlet red
    KTE 001 MOBO
    4.30 OFW
    MXIC nor

    going to flash in about 5 minutes
    Man this is what I have!

    Good luck to all the 3k guys especially as if someone can get custom firmware on one of these babies then will will mean METLDR2 is defeated... MAJOR MAJOR leap forward!!! I got everything crossed for yous!

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    G Sus Guest
    well if You cant get it working, theres no point me buying a flasher yet then.

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    walsid Guest
    2511B min 3.60 here, I hope good news for me...

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    xxdylanxx45 Guest
    cant get into recovery menu.. ps3 shuts down after 1-2 secs green, the lights disappear and after pressing the power again it will light red (standby) or it will only work on ps3 3k with 4.21 or lower FW? too bad i dont have lower firmware ps3's

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    technodon Guest
    it does work, i must have patched it wrong. when i say work. i got the ps3 to boot to the connect controller screen with all patches which is a very good sign. it still says corrupt data when i try to install but going to try ofw firmware and reflash

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    G Sus Guest
    thats a pretty good improvement

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    technodon Guest
    maybe you have to do it twice for some reason, but try it my way first. use patches 3,4,5, and 6 then flash the console and it will boot fine. then i used the ros patches 1 & 2.

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    xxdylanxx45 Guest
    hrmm will try this now


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    G Sus Guest
    but have you successfully managed to get rebug onto it yet?

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