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Thread: Video: E3 PS3 CFW v4.30 on PlayStation 3 Factory 3.56 with Flasher

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    G Sus Guest
    still cant do super slims, or a tleast i dont think you can, and since it still needs hardware flasher, its no use to a lot of people, as they are not comfortable opening their ps3.

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    Shugobox Guest
    However, it does open the gates for people to offer such a service on a wide variety of models that would otherwise have no alternative. I suppose not may have tested this yet and it will take a while to sink in, but even if this excludes the 4k models (I would assume so as well), there's many 3k consoles out there.

    The process can obviously be streamlined (the whole check what dump you have, reverse the bytes, etc, can be automated easily) so if this works we'll see some support scripts surfacing, and it doesn't seem to use obscure hardware either (a flasher is "common" enough).

    The people that provide flashing and recovery services should be jumping of joy right now if this indeed works.

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    xxdylanxx45 Guest
    going to try and report back wish me luck

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    firebuddie Guest
    good luck dude... what console you got... a 3k? I have a 3k that came with OFW3.60... so seems I might be in business if I can get some flasher hardware in the UK?

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    xxdylanxx45 Guest
    3006B scarlet red
    KTE 001 MOBO
    4.30 OFW
    MXIC nor

    going to flash in about 5 minutes

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    G Sus Guest
    now this is interesting, hope all gos well.

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    technodon Guest
    doest seem to work for me, console just turns off. i had updated her to 4.30 though

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    G Sus Guest
    what console did you try it on technodon?

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    technodon Guest
    3000x series firmware 3.66 minimum, i'm trying again just using patches 3,4,5 & 6. i was messing about with this the other day trying to patch the e3 coreOS onto this console

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    G Sus Guest
    could you not flash it back to stock original first and then go from there?

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