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  1. #131
    CAMILO3410 Guest


    I have a model (CECH-4001B) and does not fit that model

  2. #132
    ercan usta Guest
    hello, factory firmware 3.60 downgraded help? date code 1B

  3. #133
    sautzer Guest
    I followed the tutorial to Install Rebug PS3 CFW 4.21.1 but I can't entry in recovery mode, the second time that I press the power button the PS3 turn off again without do the beeps. How can I resolve?

  4. #134
    Ansharus Guest
    I have got a flasher, and I'm currently on OFW 4.30 on a 3.56 min. version cech-25xx. I know it's possible to flash to Rogero 4.30, but is there some way to use the half dual boot option of it on a PS3 with a 3.56 FW base?

    If not, could someone please advise me on any other means to switch back and forth between CFW and OFW, or any other ways to still use the PSN?

  5. #135
    Nnoitra Guest
    i have one doubt my ps3 have the OFW 4.41 instaled and have the 3.56 OFW from factory to instal this CFW i have to make the downgrade from 4.41 to 3.56?

  6. #136
    akimazaki Guest
    You need to know what model cech type

  7. #137
    Nnoitra Guest
    Cech-2504a can someone help me with my doubt i want to try to make this to my ps3?

  8. #138
    ps3fire4ever Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by imedox View Post
    I messed up, I was at E3 cfw 4.30, may ps3 minichek 3.56 I put 999 downgrade of Rebug rex to go Rebug 4.21.1 Rex

    my ps3 Blocked on factory 9.99, I can not go back to 3.55 because the minichek version it 3.56 how to unhash syscon bank in factory mode? or how to pack E3 4.30 pup to 9.99.
    Hi imedox, were you able to get the solution to this problem? I have the same issue with my Console.

  9. #139
    kumar512 Guest
    3.56 factory/service mode

  10. #140
    timartinelli Guest

    I have a 2511A minimun 3.56, he is currently in OFW 4.50.

    Can I use this tutorial and apply the Rogero CFW 4.50?

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