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    Sep 2010
    i am agreed with elser1 then open your ps3 na wait for some easy step or hope to get CFW for OFW 4.31 where you no need for downgrade etc...

    just to mess up with your working ps3 then break it like wasting your hard earn money for nothing so ya thanks but no thanks... it is just my opinion.

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    Sep 2010
    i had another go at putting a custom firmware onto a newer 3000x series console this is what i learned. sony added a 2kb file called lv0.2 inside CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg in newer firmwares 3.60+ and it is checked by metldr.2 which is what new consoles have. this prevents downgrades and verifies the integrity of lv0. until we can decrypt and resign lv0.2 flashing different coreOS onto the console is not going to work!

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    Feb 2012
    A method to install CFW directly on 3.55+ OFW is pretty much impossible as it requires the private keys. We got lucky once, but that was easily patched and I really doubt we will get lucky again, I mean, Sony just can't be that stupid. There are quite a few cryptography methods that been release on the 80s and still haven't been hacked, so uhmm.... Don't wait for a miracle. I don't think getting a flasher now is wasting money.

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    Sep 2010
    had another look at this and need to test some stuff on my old console but i think the fail0verflow cospkg doesnt work on new consoles because i took 4.31ofw coreOS and made no modifications i just repacked it with the cospkg tool and flashed my console and it turns off. so if this method works on my old console then sony stopped the cospkg tool working somehow. anyway i will look at this next year

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    Jan 2013
    Is this finally working on cech-3004b. akimazaki confirmed that this is working on his cech 300x, but some of you think that it's not working anyway. What is right?

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    There is a way to install CFW 4.30.1 if I follow this tutorial? I have a PS3 CECH-2504A 1B min OFW 3.60.

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    Anyone confirm me files needed for safety and to proceed: 4.31 to 4.30 e3flasher.7z (235.40 MB) and PS3 USB links after NOR editing: 4.31 to 4.30 e3flasher.7z (194.60 MB)

    2 files size is different and first link is broken we don't download

    If anyone have this please reup again.

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    when is 4.31 jailbreak will be out, anyone know? and where i can download?

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    Oct 2012
    Can try patch three musketeer.. patch dump file with three musketeer patch.. and flash it that dump.. install e3 4.30 cfw.. no need to downgrade

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    Yes you can use 3 musketeer patcher. alchybear is rapishare's size different than other files?

    what are the contents of the file and other files, only I lost rapidshare file.

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