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Thread: Video: E3 PS3 CFW v4.30 on PlayStation 3 Factory 3.56 with Flasher

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    akimazaki Guest
    You must make video with detail to explain all alchybear

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    Brenza Guest
    You're totally right

    some mod should edit the main post >.>

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    Apr 2005


    I will wait for alchybear to post a follow-up video, but to clarify is the current issue that alchybear claims this was done on a 3000x series PS3 and technodon stated they use metldr.2 debunking what alchybear posted in the guide won't work on them?

    From what I can gather aside from supposition, alchybear never said it was confirmed working on the super slims (CECH-400xx) just the newer (CECH-3000x) PS3 slim consoles.

    Or am I confused as it's early in the morning here

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    Elrat Guest
    Hummm.. just normal patch for downgrade and CFW 4.30 V2.03 Rogero, sorry but without more explain it's a fake for me !

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    alchybear Guest
    e3 installed already did a back up now flashing it. you can tell its a 3001a model the fan is smaller than any other slim out there. actually just about everything in the 3001a slim is smaller than any other slim before its time. power supply plug from mb, the p/ejct ribbon smaller, fan smaller, motherboard is shorten on the left back side compared to the 2501x models, the power cable from mb to power supply is repositioned and does not let a 2501 case fit.

    oh just successfully did a flash no doing the downgrade.bin reflash for the nor.

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    technodon Guest
    did you brick your console? lol.

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    alchybear Guest
    alright it is confirmed that 3000x models are not able to be successfully downgraded to 4.30cfw. anything older is able to with this method, but i have found a way to modify the back up and still be able to install it instead of letting it do all the work. just does any one know how to modify a back up to allow downgrading with out the unlock mod of the e3 doing it for you?

    you will need to solder tristate point its the same as the 2501 models since i just bricked my 30001 for fun and fixed it. if any one wants a copy of the original backup that is safe on my 3001 let me know.

    Quote Originally Posted by technodon View Post
    did you brick your console? lol.
    yes i did cause i tried a rogero auto patch fixer on the back up for fun that is set to downgrade but its fixed now and you are correct about 3000 models but this still allows downgrade to 4.30cfw for older slims. i only knew that firmware was 3000 models. and i thought there was a way to have 3001 models on 3.55 but could not dual boot because of it?

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    technodon Guest
    open your nor backup in a hex editor and paste the ros and revoke patches below from the wiki. then put all switches down on the flasher and press start.

    ROS0 patch1 (7 MB) 0x0C0010 0x6FFFE0 version string 3.55
    ROS1 patch2 (7 MB) 0x7C0010 0x6FFFE0 same as patch1?

    trvk_prg0 (0x40000)
    trvk_prg1 (0x60000)
    trvk_pkg0 (0x80000)
    trvk_pkg1 (0xA0000)
    rvk-040000 (512 KB) 0x40000 0x80000 one big patch overlapping several revoke area's

    the patch looks like this:


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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    Ok, do you leave the flasher in the ps3 and the ps3 hdd in that enclosure or when all is done you remove the flasher and put ps3 hdd back in, are you able to reuse the flasher on other ps3s? I personally have 4 ps3's

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    alchybear Guest
    after you finish the downgrade and out of factory mode you are safe to remove the flasher, the best update.bin i know of its the samsung one that allows you to do this on more than one console. that is the update i have available in the links.

    did more research do not get a new or near new slim as it will not be compatible with downgrading in general at this time. nothing its set to edit a metldr 2 and the metldr B1 version. newest versions of 2500x older ones can, + 3000x + 4000x are not downgrade able since their metldr's are not fixed yet to be down-gradable.

    i'm guessing all slims and new slims can have a backup created and a write with the original back up but it can not be modified due to metldr 2 which has not been cracked to allow downgrade.

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