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Thread: Video: Brink Now Working on Rebug 3.55 PS3 CFW with Patch

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    It's probably worth a try. But we would have to test it with many different Eboots. We can just wait until 3.60 is fully hacked.

    On Topic again : The update makes the Eboot.BIN file 3.50 FW (From what I've heard) Couldn't we just fix that Eboot so it can work on 3.41.

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    tigereye Guest

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    if i am not wrong this is impossible to do this... cos not only eboot some of game file are also code with new SDK 3.60 so no chance to get this to work if the game are full code with 3.60 SDK.. as i say may be i am wrong but ...who know...?

    let hope that we get soon CFW 3.60 so no more problem with this kind of crap...

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    spawnofjago Guest


    Maybe if we can decrypt the update file we could then figure out an update encrypter. Figure out the offsets to transition a game to our own parameters(param). From there on we can control games through update versions to do what we want them to do. I don't think there is much alterations left to do on the hardware side.

    Now we have to hack the software side to further enable playability. Just logistically speaking. Sony can't go into our house to change the hardware it was done through software updates to -alter- the hardware and this should be our next focus to alter the hardware through software.

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    niwa485 Guest
    Well, this is common on 3.50+ games lately (when there no CFW yet)... if there's an update for the game, the game should work even if the game is encrypted with latest keys... as long as that update file is installed.

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    d3adliner Guest
    Brink has got to be one of the crappiest games to be over-hyped thus far in 2011. Really...

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    9nihn Guest
    Just throwing this out there. The game itself is 3.6 right? The patch enables a 3.6 game to play on a non 3.6 firmware right?

    The game disc itself can not be edited for a bluray disc is read only right? The patch is in the system giving access to a 3.6 disc to 3.55 firmware right?

    Well from what I understand from basic security one window opens the entire house is robbed. Sony just opened a window, regardless of what SDK they used they bridged the gap between 3.55 and 3.6. There is something special in this patch...something that can be repeated. In all honesty they negated their own security on this one, let us learn from their trespass, wash, rinse, and repeat. Not CFW but could solve the need for one.

    Just some ideas, it may have been already said, but if a non-dev can see a hole in the process then someone has got to be able to exploit it. I really hope someone is already ahead of me on this, if not oh well. Life goes on.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by 9nihn View Post
    The game disc itself can not be edited
    Wrong - once you have image / copy of it on hard drive you can do anything you want with it.

    Another question indeed is to have the right (encryption) keys.

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    9nihn Guest
    What I'm talking about is the physical disc can not be edited, I know you can ripped and edit from there but my point it sony released a patch to allow a UNEDITED PHYSICAL disc to be workable on a non 3.6 firmware which means ANY PHYSICAL disc can be patched in the same manner, especially if the Brink patch was made on SDK 3.5 because people have that already and can create patches using the same technique. Its just a matter of catching the exchange between the Disc, patch, and system.

    But like I said if is not the case then fine, I'm not heart broken over it.

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    discave Guest
    But they are learning with that. They just released an update for MX vs ATV ALive and it appears like Brink (3.50 Update) and it don't work. I think that Brink probably was something hybrid and not a fully 3.60 like MX. An idea of an noob only.

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    DAXGr Guest
    For the update to work on <3.60 the eboot.bin, basically a .self has to be encrypted with <3.60 appldr keys for which we have the public decryption keys AND NOT rely on any 3.60 specific function.

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